There is some recent press about some statements on the growth of keyloggers.

…The number of keyloggers unleashed by hackers exploded this year, soaring by 65 percent in 2005 as e-criminals rush to steal identities and information…

We are seeing keyloggers, but the only infestations we’re seeing are on older un-patched XP systems (patch your systems!).  Also, I’m not so sure of the scale implied in the article — there are keyloggers out there but there are plenty that only collect info from a few dozen or a few hundred people.   In the couple of dozen keyloggers we’ve found since early August, I would guess that perhaps a total of 8,000 people were actually infected with them.

So while I do want people to be well informed, I’m getting equally concerned that people are unplugging from the ‘net because of the fear of this stuff.  There is bad stuff but it’s not like the sky is falling.

Link to the article here.

Alex Eckelberry

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