Linux servers often run the most critical applications. Proactive monitoring brings increased uptime, faster fixes and more profitable IT services.

GFI MAX RemoteManagement will soon monitor, report and alert on all important aspects of Linux servers via the dashboard. Coming soon, the beta agent will cover Red Hat, Cent OS and FC. Following the beta launch, we’ll develop SUSE, OpenSUSE, Debian and Ubuntu monitoring.

So, if you’ve got a number of different server systems you will soon be able to keep your eye on ALL of them from one dashboard. GFI MAX RemoteManagement’s 24×7 monitoring will alert you to problems with your customers’ servers. You’ll always know about an issue before they do, so you can fix problems fast and minimize their business disruption. What’s more, using the Daily Safety Check you will gain an excellent understanding of your clients’ servers. This means, when it comes to pricing a full-fledged Managed Services contract, you have all the information needed to make an accurate assessment.

The Linux 24 x 7 and Daily Safety Checks will allow you to monitor:

  • Partition Space
  • Performance
  • Log Files
  • MySQL
  • Daemons and processes
  • Anything that can be scripted.

Find out more by watching our short video:

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