Today GFI Software released GFI VIPRE® Antivirus Business 5.0, the latest version of its anti-malware endpoint security solution. Version 5.0 offers the same award-winning protection that businesses love, but is easier to install, deploy and manage with these new features:

Enhanced management console

Allows admins to accomplish tasks easily—all in one place—via a centralized and user-friendly console

Incompatible software removal

Quickly and thoroughly removes previous antivirus products to avoid conflicts on the network during installation

Windows Firewall auto-configuration

Automatically creates agent communication exclusions within the Windows Firewall for easier deployment

Integrated database

Accelerates installation, improves console response time and is scaled for use with MS SQL and MS SQL Express

Remote management

Includes an improved communication layer to remotely manage VIPRE across multiple networks and locations

Auditing and reporting

Provides complete insight into changes made to network AV settings, ensuring policy enforcement and compliance

For more information and to try VIPRE 5.0 free for 30 days, visit For a custom pricing quote, call +1-888-688-8457 or send us an email.

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