If you buy a Sony CD with DRM, it looks like you get it on your Mac, too.  But contrary to some of the chatter out there, it’s NOT a rootkit.  It’s just typical DRM stuff from SunnComm.  Still not good, but quite a bit different than a rookit.

Sony BMG’s ‘rootkit’ copy protection technology may affect Macs – and the software can also be exploited by malicious hackers, reports claim.

MacInTouch reports claims by a reader who recently purchased a Sony BMG CD. The reader found that the CD installs a Mac application, “Start.app” which itself installs two files: PhoenixNub1.kext and PhoenixNub12.kext.

This is not the same software that is causing such a furore against Sony BMG at present. The Register claims: “It’s a Mac version of SunnComm’s DRM software, MediaMax, which Sony BMG uses to copy-protect a range of CDs.”

Link here via Catherine.

Alex Eckelberry

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