malware preventionAn old saying goes ‘to be prepared is half the victory’ and that is also true when it comes to protecting your users and your network.

There’s a big, bad internet out there and threats can be found lurking at every corner. Just have a look at April’s Hack Hall of Shame post to see what kind of damage was done in just one month, or read about the latest form of ransomware that only releases all the files on a user’s machine once $1,000 (AUS) are paid. With every passing day, new exploits are found and hackers get cleverer. As an IT admin you need to have the proper tools to fight back, and one of the best tools is knowledge.

It’s time to turn the tables and start seeing your network the same way the bad guys do.

GFI has just published a free ebook giving you the necessary tools to do just that – be prepared. If you know how the bad guys see your network you have a better chance at protecting it. We understand that no system is 100% secure but sometimes your users make it just too easy for their machine to end up being compromised.

It is important to start from the basics. First of all, scrap any EOL from your system if you are connecting to the internet. EOL means End of Life, which also means that no more patches and updates will become available for that OS or apps. Any vulnerabilities which are discovered won’t be addressed, leaving you wide open to any threats. Yes Windows XP was a great OS but it’s time to face the truth. It’s now gone, and it’s time to upgrade for your sake and that of your users. This is also true for apps such as IE8.

Next, patching! Yes, that word has become the dread of every IT admin, but as grim as the patch, test, deploy cycle might be, it is also as important.

Do any of your users have admin rights on their machine – I’m also referring to your Managing Director? Then you are asking for trouble. People will always grumble about security (my antivirus is slowing things down), expect to be treated differently because of their position (but I’m the CFO) and expect to download and access anything they want from their work machine (I really need to download that app in order to work), but giving your users admin rights is asking for trouble.

This is where a company’s IT policy becomes essential. We know enough to realize the kind of risks associated with using an account that has admin rights, and the business will ultimately be on the receiving end of any breaches.

Would you like to know more in order to arm yourself against your attackers? In this free ebook we explain the different types of malware, the attack vectors, what kind of damage can be done to a system once it is compromised, and finally what can be done to put a stop to attacks.

Click here to download your free copy of the ebook today.


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