Just an throwaway marketing thought…

It’s a scientifically proven fact that people tend to adopt a ‘herding instinct’ in times of uncertainty. I think the decision process goes something like this:

‘Jeezo – I’m worried. The quickest way I can arrive at a decision is to check what everybody else in the same situation is doing.  Plus, perhaps they know something more than I do anyway. So I’ll just check what everybody else is doing and do the same.’

Sometimes people even just do what others are doing without knowing why or just because it seems like a good idea, for example:  people walking past an accident without stopping, ‘runs on banks’ or this one that Seth Godin posted.

The current ‘Economic Storm’ is undoubtedly a point where people re-evaluate. Perhaps you can use this to your advantage and marry the two together.  How about a message like this to potential clients:

  • Since the start of 2009, XYZ IT Services has doubled our customer base.
  • These new customers cite better value, our superior organisation to deliver what they really need and stronger relationships as three primary reasons for moving to XYZ IT Services for their IT expertise.

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