Get this:  Microsoft has a bus cruising around Germany helping people with spyware and viruses. Link here via Catherine.

The security initiative has also included a “security truck,” which visited 18 cities over the past few weeks and attracted about 15,000 people. Of those, more than 600 came with their computers, of which 95 percent were desktops and 5 percent notebooks, according to Baumgärtner. Experts in the truck found 1,371 viruses, 307 Trojans and 1,585 spyware bugs.

“We had one 80-year old woman come with an infected notebook,” the spokesman said. “But what really surprised us is that so many people were willing to lug their desktops to the truck.”

But what does it look like?  Our concept below:


Alex Eckelberry
[Props to RockShop for the pic—buy the official poster (without the Microsoft logo)]

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