As we discussed in a previous blog, the Connected Generation (Gen C) embodies the digital age, using technology as a vessel to communicate with the world around them.

To some, crowdsourcing, collaboration, content and community (the 4 C’s) are buzzwords, but to the connected generation it is the secret to business success.

In this blog we will dive deeper into the 4 C’s and how to enable the modern workforce to leverage these new digital tools. We will also discuss what you can do to orchestrate your network to support the increase in traffic the modern workforce generates.


The connected generation has never known a world where “Google it” wasn’t a verb. They are masters of knowledge harvesting and employ this expertise as freely at workplace as they do at the dinner table. They harness the power of collective intelligence and mine the ideas, talent and brainpower of communities beyond enterprise walls and apply it to solve real business problems. Crowdsourcing has become an essential tool for producing insightful enterprise data and generating innovative solutions that help the business maintain a competitive edge.


For Gen C, productivity is driven by engagement and interaction. They thrive on forming mutually beneficial partnerships to complete tasks, brainstorm ideas and analyze information. Applications like Office 365, Dropbox and Skype for Business have become the fundamental tools for Gen C by offering real-time collaboration and instant access to valuable information.

Gen C employees demonstrate how to work cohesively both inside and outside traditional organizational boundaries, turning collaboration effectiveness into competitive edge in today’s connected workforce.


The connected generation are not passive content consumers. They crave the opportunity to create, enrich and share. Whether it’s Adobe Creative Cloud to produce or YouTube to distribute, Gen C are experts on the platforms that will best yield meaningful results for both personal and business goals. Although many of these resources can put a strain on the network, content creation is here to stay and is a crucial factor for organizational success.


The feeling of community is inherent in the Connected Generation. They have an innate desire to connect to a local community of friends, family and coworkers, as well as a digital community of fans, followers and acquaintances. Gen C’s ability to create meaningful interaction with multiple groups makes them a vital asset to communication strategies both inside and outside the organization.

The future of business is social and success relies heavily on the ability to build online communities that foster loyalty and trust with the organization’s most valuable stakeholders.

Network Orchestration and the 4 C’s

What was once considered recreational or even rogue network activity is now vital to business success.

As crowdsourcing, collaboration, content and community expand, you need a solution in place that can help you monitor application usage, prioritize access to applications and allocate bandwidth to ensure Gen C receives the Internet experience they need to be successful.

Monitoring Traffic
Monitor Internet and application traffic from a central console. See what sites and applications are being accessed by employees and guarantee business-critical applications are performing as needed.

Prioritizing Applications
Make sure your most important enterprise applications always have the bandwidth they need and that employees have a consistently fast Internet experience. Never allow recreational Internet use compromise the quality of business-critical applications.

Protecting Bandwidth
Protect the valuable bandwidth resources you have by controlling how it is allocated by location, user, group and time of day. Conserve your bandwidth and defer costly upgrades by eliminating wasteful consumption.

By enabling organizations to deliver a quality Internet experience, they can continue to modernize their workforce and take advantage of the technological expertise of the Connected Generation.

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