The sprawling and ever-expanding nature of communications networks today has proven no match for the disparate tools available to monitor, manage and govern application traffic. Not to mention, the move to cloud services has further exacerbated the challenges. Vendors are scrambling to provide proprietary tools, which provide only a narrow view of the entire environment that often stops at the front door of the enterprise. You never get a single view.

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Get Your Head Out of the Fog

Network managers are currently left on their own to figure it out for themselves. This involves significant effort in the cobbling together of tools and data in order to obtain a complete picture of performance. The resulting fog—the classic definition of which is a “low-lying cloud” — does more to complicate than it does to define and pinpoint. The correlation of network and application performance along the true width of a transaction, accompanied with clear and actionable insights, remains an under-served and compelling customer requirement.

Focus Your Attention on Quality of Experience

When user expectations of seamless and instant access to applications and associated data are not exceeded, adoption suffers and business objectives cannot be met. The sacrificial lamb are often those that work the hardest to make it right—the dedicated, overworked, IT and Network teams—and those responsible for bottom line concerns just want it fixed.

All of this puts “User Experience” front and center as the chief concern and metric of corporate health. Even your CEO cares. Nearly 61% of all IT decision makers recognize the advancement of user perception as a key indicator. Many have funded initiatives to help monitor, measure and improve user experience. In both cases, these rank at or near the top of their concern list.

Rely on the Experts

The good news in all of this is that Exinda has been in the performance business since its inception. Increasingly, we here at Exinda, through the input of our customers, view the simplified correlation of network and application performance combined with insightful recommendations and relevant policy action as core to improved experience. Whether the assets impacted are cloud-based or on premise. This is what we’ve always done. And of course, better performance correlates directly to improved user experience.

And in 2016, Exinda will be furthering these efforts, bringing time-proven expertise and new products to bare on these critical factors. So stay tuned!

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