Just as technology is constantly evolving to make everyone’s life easier, we have revamped TalkTechToMe to make your time on our blog more enjoyable.

The most obvious change is, of course, the blog’s layout, which now more closely resembles the style of the GFI website; it is cleaner and more user-friendly!

Have you noticed the blog selector up top? That’s right; we have created a new blog that is dedicated to videos on all sorts of IT-related issues and topics. Once you click on the tab, select TalkTechToMe TV and you’ll be directed to a section showcasing various videos

Knowing how attached you’ve grown to them, we have retained these blog categories: GFI World, GFI Fixes It, MSP Insights, SMB Zone and Tech Zone. We have also added an exciting new section, IT Dojo – dedicated to helping you hone your IT admin know-how, starting with Exchange Server.

We regularly update these informative sections with the latest news and you can easily share them with your friends and contacts on different social media, thanks to the icons at the bottom of each post.

Have a look around and let us know what you think about our new look!

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