Are you a system admin or an IT junkie looking for the latest updates and tips in the cloud computing sphere? We have listed nine great blogs, each with its own focus on cloud computing, which make for some great reading and reference material, and we’re sure you will find information you won’t want to be without.

Cloud Computing

Chirag Mehta is an SAP evangelist with a background in technology and architecture that spans 15 years. Mehta writes on a variety of topics, and his style reads like a conversation with a trusted mentor. He’s got five years of back catalog to draw from and still updates regularly.

Business Cloud News

Business Cloud News’ masthead reads like a Who’s Who amongst technology leaders, and it’s that deep pool of authors that lets it post new and fresh content so frequently. With a focus on cloud computing and related technologies, there’s a ton of great content in this blog including sections on security, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. They also have a weekly newsletter that makes for some good reading offline.

Cloud Computing Journal

The Cloud Computing Journal aggregates the writing of dozens of authors across the spectrum of IT and cloud computing. With concise link grouping on the home page for the most recent and most read articles, it is easy to find some great reading material on practically any topic related to cloud computing you might have an interest in. There’s also a wealth of whitepapers available on the site.

Cloud Tweaks

Visit Cloud Tweaks for articles but also for its cloud humor section! Another blog with several authors, Cloud Tweaks covers current developments, trends, best practices and more in the cloud computing space.

Thinking out Cloud

Geva Perry has been named as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in the Hosting Industry, Top 50 Cloud Computing Bloggers and one of the 12 Top Thinkers in Cloud Computing, and he has a lot of great things to say about cloud computing. His minimalist blog makes it a little hard at first to find what you are looking for, but like an old book store, you’ll value the time spent rummaging amongst the shelves.


CloudAve is another blog with a large cast of writers, and with a focus on evangelism and SaaS, the entire team consistently publishes great content on all things cloud.

Inside Cloud

Inside-Cloud’s tag line is Cloud News Without the Noise, and the team of authors strives to deliver concise and cogent coverage of developments and trends within cloud computing. The no-nonsense, just the facts writing style still lets the authors’ combined passion for the topics shine through, and the blog is great place to learn about things in cloud computing you might not hear about for weeks from other sources.

Chaotic Flow

Joel York is a one man show alternating between education and evangelism. His writing tends to target more of the C level and architect roles than any others, but his views on coming trends and passing fads make for some very interesting reading, and may get you thinking in directions you didn’t even know were options.

Cloud Business Review

Cloud Business Review’s content is designed to help small business owners understand and embrace cloud computing where it makes sense for them to. Whether you are an SMB owner, or a consulting company looking at the SMB as your primary market, CBR’s content will help you better understand just what the cloud has to offer.

So now you have nine new blogs to help you keep up-to-date on the latest developments in cloud computing, where the industry may be going next, and what the cloud has to offer both your business, and your customers. There’s a ton of great reading in each of these, and we’re sure you will bookmark many of these. However, there are far more than nine cloud computing focused blogs out there. If we missed your favorite (or your own if you are a blogger), be sure to leave a comment and let us all know what else is out there!

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