With Microsoft announcing that it will not be selling a number of Forefront TMG products, IT admins who run Microsoft ISA/TMG and use GFI WebMonitor may be wondering what GFI’s plans are going forward. David Attard, Product Manager for GFI WebMonitor for ISA/TMG, had this to say:

“A large percentage of our GFI WebMonitor users run Microsoft ISA/TMG and the product is still in high demand. Our team is therefore going to continue supporting our TMG version, and we will also continue to develop and improve the product. We are committed to our TMG customers, and you will see further development of the platform in the near future.”

GFI WebMonitor is offered in two versions; one for ISA/TMG and a stand-alone solution. Any organization that wants to migrate from the GFI WebMonitor for ISA/TMG to GFI WebMonitor can do so free of charge.

Mr. Attard adds that although making the switch is possible, it is not really necessary:

“With Microsoft providing extended support for Forefront TMG up until 2020, the TMG community has time to establish a migration plan and we will be there to help.

“If you’ve been using TMG URL filtering via TMG’s Web Protection Service, this will no longer be sold from December 1, 2012. However, GFI WebMonitor’s TMG plugin with URL filtering will continue to be available.  By switching to GFI WebMonitor’s TMG plugin, you will benefit from much more than just URL filtering. You will benefit from multiple antivirus and web security engines, time and bandwidth quotas, search engine query monitoring, extensive reports with delegated reporting, real-time monitoring and activity-based alerts, among others.”

GFI WebMonitor has also recently been awarded the Monitoring and Administration category of the ISAserver.org Reader’s Choice Awards.

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