PatchTuesdayProblemsOfficePatchesPatch Tuesday hasn’t been going so well lately. Last month, Microsoft had to recall patches that caused problems with Exchange and ADFS. This month, Microsoft issued a number of patches designed to fix security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office programs, but one has been pulled and there are still problems being reported with some of the others.

KB2871630 was a non-security patch that was intended to address problems with performance and stability. But after it was installed, users discovered that the folder pane in Outlook 2013 was empty.  This made for some very unhappy customers, although uninstalling the patch does return the folder pane intact. The update was removed from Windows Update and WSUS. Microsoft published a blog post on TechNet about the issue.

Meanwhile, some users are reporting an “endless loop” problem whereby some of the other patches keep installing over and over. This has been reported in regard to KB2760411, KB2760588 and KB2760583. In addition, some are getting an error message when they try to install KB28100009.

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