newsWhen do sports and tech intersect? When Microsoft’s former CEO, Steve Ballmer, ponies up $2 billion to buy the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers.

That’s when.

Last week, the NBA approved the sale. Banned owner Donald Sterling, whose racist remarks led to his demise, agreed Wednesday to sell the team, ESPN reported. Now, 75% of the 29 other owners must approve.

Bank on it. Sterling is disliked by 92% of Americans, according to E-Poll. He’s bad for business.

Ballmer, meanwhile, stands to become the wealthiest owner in American pro sports. Consider this: His $2 billion bid matches Sterling’s net worth. Forbes says the tech tycoon is worth 10 times as much.

But can the Clippers thrive under him? As CNNMoney reported last year, Ballmer’s 14 years as Microsoft CEO (2000-14) were bumpy:

“The company was once the most valuable in the world, but Microsoft has lost more than half of its market value over the past decade.”

Speaking of market value, Forbes calculates the Clippers are worth $575 million. Slight overspend by Ballmer? Eh, what’s a few extra bucks.

Here are four more stories found on the beat:

War of words

The finger-pointing between Verizon and Netflix is fierce. Yuri Victor, a designer/developer, sparked it with this tweet. He posted a Netflix screen explaining a buffering interruption:

“The Verizon network is crowded right now. Adjusting video for smoother playback…”

The angered Internet service provider claimed it was “a PR stunt,” CNET reported. Another CNET story said a Netflix spokesman tweeted that the company’s goal is to “keep members informed.” But, as the story notes, the same message has not been published on other networks.

These companies recently made a pact that enables Netflix to secure a better streaming service from Verizon. Go figure.

The form

Google’s search removal request form for Europeans is up and running. (If you don’t know why the tech giant created one, this post will bring you up to speed.)

USA Today explained the removal request process. The report also noted that links will only be pulled from sites specific to the European Union like (Italy) or (Spain) – not

So, as Eric Schiffer, an online reputation consultant, told USA Today: “There’s nothing that you can do on the Internet that can truly be erased. Even this Google ruling – it’s the equivalent of destroying a library index card, but the book still exists.”

To say the digital footprint has staying power is an understatement.

How we watch (in the US)

Desktop browsers are so… Q1 2013?

According to this report by Adobe, iOS applications now have a market-leading 43% share when it comes to the way people consume online video content. That’s up 2% from Q1 2013. Browsers rank second with a 36% share – an 11% drop from Q1 2013.

Overall 25% of all video views occur on mobile devices – a 57% year-over-year increase in market share.

What’s it all mean? Per the report:

“Mobile devices are becoming much more relevant in online video consumption. Marketers need to be prepared to offer an array of options that cater to multiple platforms.”

Marketers better work fast. Children – a group growing up in this mobile device universe – watch 80% of their online content through iOS apps.

Gift list

Father’s Day is fast approaching. (It’s on Sunday, June 15, if you don’t have the date memorized.) Looking for good gift ideas?

Start with this list on Mashable. The eight gift suggestions include a 3D printing pen, portable speakers and a wireless, touch screen fitness wristband.

Seriously, you can do better than a new tie for dear ’ol dad.


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