Apart from the web security features we saw in Part 1, there are other great web filtering features in GFI WebMonitor™ 2011 R3. These include:

 1. Additional IM support

When designing the new GFI WebMonitor we’ve focused on blocking thin IM clients – those clients which are available without having to download and install anything. GFI WebMonitor offers the possibility to block Gmail chat, Facebook Chat, Yahoo! Chat, and instant messaging portals such as meebo.com and ILoveIM.com. This ensures that any users who are trying to circumvent your IM blocking policy are stopped in their tracks.

2. Soft–blocking

We do realize that blocking everything all the time might cause issues, and there are people who actually need to browse certain websites which are typically blocked. So we have provided the facility to create a Warn and Allow policy. The Warn and Allow policy warns you that you are violating policy, but allows you to proceed anyway – should you choose to. This makes sure that your trusted users are empowered to use their experience and discretion when accessing certain sites.

3. Streaming Media blocking

We all know how irritating and frustrating it is to have a slow internet connection. It is even more frustrating for an IT Administrator to discover that bandwidth is being hogged by users listening to online radio, and watching YouTube or sports videos. No matter how fast your internet connection may be, streaming media eats into your bandwidth with gusto and this is why we’ve taken a few measures to help you limit the impact on your network. With GFI WebMonitor you can now block streams in applications such as iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player and QuickTime. You can also block streaming media within websites, such as those in news websites, and other audio and video embedded in websites, without blocking the website itself. This means that, while you can still follow news events, your favorite sports team, or celebrity, you won’t be taking up bandwidth needed by everyone else to work.

4. Access Activity Log

We have now provided you with detailed Access Log for websites, users, categories, etc, within the GFI WebMonitor User Interface (UI) so that you can monitor exactly when and where a user has been – without ever leaving the interface.

Remember, upgrading to GFI WebMonitor 2011 R3 is free so please send us feedback on the changes we implemented.

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