The Amazing Racist is a comedian, Ari Shaffir, who goes around acting like a racist, replete with a KKK uniform.  Or, harrasing Mexicans (you can see one of his videos, here—without adware).  

It’s apparently an attempt at humor.  To me, it’s just cruel and tasteless.  

Well, there’s a site dedicated to his works,


You can download these videos at the site:

CLIP #1 – The Amazing Picking up Mexicans/Fake Work!
CLIP #2 – The Amazing Racist as a KKK Member!
CLIP #3 – The Amazing Racist At a Mosque!
CLIP #4 – The Amazing Racist filling up Gas!
CLIP #5 – The Amazing Racist At Making fun of ASIANS!

Note that videos of The Amazing Racist are available freely at places like iFilm.  But if you happen to land on this website, you’ll need to get adware. Because in exchange for watching some of the videos, you need Zango:


While this is not an illegal site, the taste aspect is certainly questionable. This is one of those “long tail” things that 180 talks about. The company is marketing itself to websites that are not part of the mainstream (which is what they mean when they refer to the long tail of the Internet) and a relationship with a site like this, however accidental, is inevitable given their current modus operandi and distribution model

At any rate, this site is apparently run by some guy called JordanR, who sets up various sites to generate money through adware installs. And he’s selling this site. 

Revenue details:
Revenue comes from “ZangoCash”. There a “pay per install” company.
You must click ‘continue’ then ‘download & open’ (which installs their toolbar) then the website redirects back to the video page and allows you to watch the video. Zango is not ‘spyware’, but ‘adware’ it installs a toolbar on the computer which shows several popups per day.

The site has the potential for banners/popups/popunders which will definietly increase revenue. (I have never tested any of them)

– October – $532.42
(Site was not indexed in google until the 17th of october, this is when the revenue jumped from $3 – $10 – $30 – $50+ a day)
Jumped from $3 – $50 / day within JUST 10 DAYS of being Indexed in Google!

– November – 1626.42 $
Jumped from $3 – $60 / day within JUST 10 DAYS of being Indexed in Google!

NOW Revenue is consistent around $65+/day (Has been $48/day 1or2 days or 85+/day 4or5 days)
-PM me for Screenshots (of revenue proof)

Monthly page views: 36,000+ Uniques

Click Paul Laudanski at Castlecops, who has the link.

The indefatigable Eric Howes has a video, here.  The CastleCops forum where this was apparently originally reported, here.

I did not mean for this blog to become so 180–focused as of late.  In fact, I’m really getting sick of writing about this company. It’s just that there’s such a large amount of material that’s been generated recently. I even wrote a big post this weekend that I’m holding off on simply because this blog is in danger of getting 180 fatigue! 

 Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks Adam and Eric)

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