Have you ever watched a Formula One pit crew? They have mere seconds to diagnose and analyze problems, to recommend and calibrate solutions, and to take action to get a winning car back on the track. The price for inaccuracy could be millions. The penalty for a miscalculation could be a human life.

Have you ever watched a team of chefs in a busy restaurant? Every dish is made with precision – planning, measuring, tasting, and adjusting all in minutes to satisfy discerning patrons. The line between innovative and inedible is measured in pinches. The cost for comprised cuisine is someone’s business, people’s jobs.

How about astronauts on the space station? Working in tandem with mission control – monitoring, reporting, fine-tuning, taking recommendations, and giving feedback. The stakes couldn’t be any higher. The problem set couldn’t be any more complex. The environment couldn’t be any more challenging. The margin between complete chaos and precise calibration can be razor thin. And the difference between exceptional performance and utter failure is fractional when extreme complexity defines the environment. This is why we see optimization everywhere – we need it.

Lately I can’t get through a day without seeing this kind of optimization in action – precise coordination of people, processes, systems and information. Optimization happens in nature, in business, in sport and in family life. It’s an inevitability – a natural and necessary step to solving complex problems when high stakes are on the line.

At Exinda we hear our customers talk every day about how their networks are changing. How applications, devices, locations, activities and users are growing at a rate that is pushing the edge of control. The level of complexity in our networks has reached a point where solving our most pressing IT challenges is becoming a problem. Troubleshooting network problems, enforcing appropriate use of the network, ensuring resources for strategic applications, supporting critical IT projects, reducing WAN spend – these are the problems that define our success and failure as networking professionals. The stakes are high but these problems are now harder than ever to solve. Our problem set has become so complex, we have no choice but to look at a smarter, more coordinated solution approach.

Enter WAN Optimization. Just like the Formula One crew or the chefs or the astronauts, or any other examples that will naturally come to your mind, WAN Optimization is about intelligent coordination. Monitoring, analytics, reporting, recommendation, control and optimization all operating in perfect harmony. Purpose built solutions for your most important IT problems. In your WAN it can mean the difference between performance and pandemonium.

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