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Are you the sole sysadmin at your company?

Picture this: You’re the sole system administration or IT person. Every time you ask for help, your boss simply says, “It’s not in the budget.” Yes, you want to be ahead of the game and have your systems up to date and running in great shape.

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Sysadmins, finish the phrase – Jack of all trades, master of?

We in IT all know that the Jack of All Trades is the master journeyman of technology, capable of administering servers, debugging programs, assembling hardware, and optimizing SQL queries-all before lunch.

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17 Resolutions for sysadmins this year

As we bring 2016 to a close, it’s only natural to start to consider what the new year will bring. What bad habits will we finally drop. What good ones will we adopt?

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IT automation comes to the rescue for sysadmins

With too many routine tasks, such as patch management and network auditing, there’s little time left for IT teams to lead in innovation. Fortunately, automation tools come to the rescue.

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday has changed and now all patches are delivered at once

Your monthly sysadmin routine will change with the introduction of a slightly different Microsoft Patch Tuesday, shifting to a model where all patches are delivered at once, in a single package.

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Top 10 features in Windows Server 2016 sysadmins need to know about

The new Microsoft’s server operating system is finally here, and we’ve prepared a list of the most important new features, including the ones you won’t find on other blogs.

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday – September 2016

It’s September and business for sysadmins is back to normal, so we got a brand new batch of seven critical and seven important updates.

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Err, a cool sysadmin tool you should use

Instead of looking for answers all over the Internet, old-school sysadmins like to rely on command-line tools. With err.exe, figuring out error codes has never been easier.

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10 new Windows 10 features for sysadmins

If you’re a well-informed system administrator, you have already heard about many of the new features the Anniversary Update brought to Windows 10. We’ve highlighted 10 of them which you can actually use for your sysadmin job, and you won’t find these in mainstream media reports.

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The sysadmin’s pledge

If you’ve seen “Game of Thrones,” tell me you don’t for a moment at least feel a sense of brotherhood with the brothers of the Night’s Watch.

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