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Making your computer run "like new"

This article in CNET discusses ways that Microsoft will be optimizing Vista to make computers run like new. The big ideas?  Background defragmentation and pre-loading commonly used components into memory. Are you kidding? I’ve spent years in the PC utilities space and from my experience:  Defragmentation alone doesn’t do the trick and pre-fetching commonly used […]

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More on the identity theft ring

Update: Information on the types of systems infected here. Information on the fix here. Apologies that we couldn’t post more information — we simply ran out of time. This has been a pretty intense project and in the middle of it, I also had to go out of town. I am currently blogging from a […]

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Identity Theft Update

An update on the massive identity theft ring we discovered earlier. The FBI has responded to us and they are working on the case. It looks like they were working on the case when after we sent originally sent the data in, but we didn’t get any response from them at the time indicating they […]

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Massive identity theft ring

Update: Fix here. And information on the types of systems infected here. In some recent research into a spyware exploit, our research team has discovered a massive identity theft ring. We also found the keylogger transcript files that are being uploaded to the servers. This is real spyware stuff — chat sessions, user names, passwords, […]

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Is WeatherBug adware?

Well, the user community seems to think so.  By clicking on the results of our SunPoll, you can see that about 80% of the people who clicked on the survey felt that WeatherBug should be detected by antispyware programs.  Note that this survey is totally unscientific. (You can vote yourself by going to our front […]

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spyware on blogger

Blog Herald writes about spyware being hosted on Blogspot blogs (Blogspot is the public view of Google’s Blogger).  Ben Edelman wrote about this months ago as well. Yes, we’ve seen this as well. However, I want to make it clear that this does not mean Blogger hosts spyware or that having a blog will create […]

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This is great news. Spyblast was being marketed by with spyware built in!  The FTC got a bit grumpy and now there is a settlement. Check this out: “The FTC complaint charged that, Inc., and its co-founder, John Ferber, distributed ads stating that because a consumer’s computer was broadcasting an Internet IP address, […]

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It’s THIRD PARTY cookies, stupid!

Web marketing folks are worried about the state of cookies — because antispyware programs are whacking them. WebAnalytics makes the point that 3rd party cookies are dying, but the sky is not falling. It’s an outstanding article and well worth reading. To wit: “The people who are most badly affected by monthly cookie cutting are […]

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Dumping "Ignore"

As I’ve blogged earlier, the Ignore option in our database is a way to deal with programs that people may actually want. I’ll give you an example:  Kazaa is a program that people usually care to keep (along with all of their MP3 files in the Kazaa directory).  What people don’t usually care for is […]

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What really IS the state of adware detections?

There’s been plenty of press over the last many months on some antispyware companies delisting or reducing the threat level of various adware programs.   So what is the state of detections?  Who lists what, who doesn’t? Whom can you trust? Sunbelt consultant and SpywareWarrior contributor Eric Howes has come up with the definitive test […]

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