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Steal this antiphishing tool!

Our good friends at Cloudmark (we use their antispam engine in our enterprise product) have a great antiphishing tool (free beta). Click here and look for the Anti-Fraud toolbar. In the future, we will probably put this toolbar into our Dell bundles as a freebie as well. Alex Eckelberry

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April 2022 Cybersecurity Roundup: Funky Pigeon cyber attack, Costa Rica ransomware attack, Mailchimp cybersecurity negligence lawsuit

Top Cyber Stories for April 2022 – Cyber Stories Funky Pigeon Cyber Attack Funky Pigeon, a UK online gifts and greetings cards store was the target of a cyber attack that saw the company suspend taking new orders and move its systems offline. The website had not resumed full operations as at May 3, about […]

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March 2022 Cybersecurity Roundup: War continues in cyberspace, State networks breached, New proposed EU and SEC rules

Top Cyber Stories for March 2022 Russia-Ukraine War Continues in Cyberspace As the armed conflict following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine intensified through March, multiple cyberattacks purportedly linked to the war were reported. It was not just attacks on Ukrainian and Russian websites. Cyber incidents spilled over onto allies of either side. See examples here and […]

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GFI August patch roundup: Fixes from non-Microsoft vendors

August was a light month for patches from non-Microsoft vendors including, Adobe, Linux, and Google, but several critical flaws should get your attention.

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Ransomware-as-a-service: The future is bright — for cybercriminals

Ransomware-as-a-service is the next big threat facing companies large and small because destructive exploits are now available to anyone.

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Vishing attacks on the rise with newest campaign

Even as phishing attacks continue to be a major problem, a related scam is gaining traction. Vishing is on the rise, so be on guard.

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Reduce your risk of being hit by a ransomware attack

Ransomware is growing at an alarming rate — and for many companies, an attack is inevitable. But a good ransomware defense can minimize the damage.

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Microsoft June 2021 Patch Tuesday Roundup

Microsoft’s June Patch Tuesday addresses six zero-day issues, along with 44 other vulnerabilities. Four of the vulnerabilities are rated critical.

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2019 Cybersecurity Incidents: What Did We Learn?

Should AULD attack types be forgot and never brought to mind? As I sit writing this article on New Year’s Eve, that’s the song that’s running through my mind. It’s inevitable that my thoughts are centered on what this past year brought us in terms of device, network, and cloud security. That includes both the […]

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Data Held Hostage: The Ransomware Epidemic

Ransomware has been a constant cyberthreat since the early 2000s, although the first acknowledged instance was as early as 1989 when a file-encrypting Trojan was distributed on compromised diskettes, coupled with demands for a $189 payment. If you thought ransomware was a threat that only impacts technophobic grandmothers, reckless teenagers, and other home computer users, […]

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