With the recent directive issued by the US CISA to disconnect or power down SolarWinds Orion, it is important to note that simply powering down does not help in the continued protection of the networks, operating systems, and applications which run on these networks.  

GFI would like to extend an invitation to assist anyone affected by this directive to leverage GFI LanGuard to stay protected.  GFI LanGuard is free to use with full functionality for 30 days. This can keep you secure until you are back on your feet.  

GFI LanGuard allows you to scan, detect, assess and rectify security vulnerabilities in your network and connected devices. It provides a complete picture of your network and helps maintain security with minimal effort.

GFI LanGuard includes patch management, vulnerability scanning, network auditing, and network security insights to help keep your network safe and prevent endpoints from being exploited. It can help you in this current SolarWinds Orion situation.

LanGuard patching software

Can GFI LanGuard scale to large environments? 

YES, with a simple request to Sales@gfi.com you can increase your trial to extend to 10K nodes. GFI LanGuard includes a central management console that can be used to manage multiple, multi-thousand node instances.


Can GFI LanGuard work in a “closed network” or secure environment?

YES,  GFI LanGuard is used currently in several secure, government environments. GFI LanGuard provides the ability to centralize and download the updates and security patches required in front of your network. You can then follow your standard procedures to scan and verify these files and make them available to GFI LanGuard inside your secure network.


Will GFI LanGuard manage both 3rd party applications along with operating systems?

YES, GFI LanGuard supports many (+100) 3rd-party applications to scan for security vulnerabilities and patches.


What are the major system requirements for GFI LanGuard?

GFI LanGuard will run on a Microsoft Server environment and leverage Microsoft SQL database to store scan details.


Can I still leverage our Microsoft Patch repository (Wsus)? 

YES,  you can direct GFI LanGuard to use Microsoft updates from your existing repository if you would like.


How does GFI LanGuard compare to SolarWinds Orion Patch Management?

GFI LanGuard includes all the same core features and functionality as Orion and adds vulnerability scanning.


This means that not only will you scan the network for missing patches and be able to remediate them, but you can also view high-risk vulnerabilities across the entire network, network devices, and support all major appliances.


Can I use GFI LanGuard to scan for SolarWinds agents?

Yes, GFI LanGuard supports scanning for installed software, in addition to creating custom scanning profiles to fit the criteria you need. This can then be used to identify any machines in the network which satisfy the profiles.


We are here to help!  

We understand that the current situation will place added stress and pressure on keeping your network safe at a minimum. We offer an alternative to Solarwinds Orion Patch Management to keep your businesses and organizations safe.

If you would like to learn more please take a look at GFI LanGuard, and let us know if you have any questions please contact us (Sales@gfi.com).


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