Playball_SQIt will be the Giants versus the Royals this year for the World Series, but it may be your sports fanatic users versus your critical apps if any of the games are streamed during work hours. There’s no doubt that fans from around the world will do their best to catch live feeds, highlights, and other news. The Major League Baseball will be streaming the games live, and there will be a lot of bandwidth-hungry advertisements embedded in the pages. This is a job for web monitoring and management!

As users go looking for the plays of the day, interviews with the players, and perhaps even the odds for the next game, you need to make sure that their enthusiasm for the game doesn’t cause productivity issues, or worse, prevents critical business apps from functioning. How can you be sure that everyone streaming video doesn’t bring your email system to a halt? What if customers can’t view your website to place orders because your pipe is completely used by sportcasters’ analysis and top 10 play videos?

Companies that implement GFI WebMonitor won’t have to worry about this because it gives sysadmins great tools to manage their users’ access to the Internet while also ensuring that the line-of-business applications have enough bandwidth to function properly. Let’s see what GFI WebMonitor can do.

Permitted categories

GFI WebMonitor can be used to control which sites are accessible to users. You could use this to completely block access to news, sports, and streaming sites, but you could also use this to permit access with moderation to sites that provide content without using too much bandwidth. News sites and even the MLB site could be permitted, while blocking access to television providers that offer high-definition streaming.

Permitted users/machines

Perhaps you want to make the game available on break-room computers, or for certain users but not all. GFI WebMonitor offers admins the flexibility to control Internet access based on user, group, or machine so you can set up key systems for access, while restricting it from other machines to help preserve bandwidth, and productivity.

Blocked categories

Many of the sites carrying streaming media will also be carrying tons of advertising. Gone are the days when a simple 64KB banner constituted advertising. Now we have multiple multi-meg auto-play videos and flyouts and interactive popups and popunders and tons of other things that have an unquenchable hunger for your bandwidth. Blocking advertising is a great way to help limit the bandwidth impact that any major sporting event can have on your network.

Time restrictions

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so we don’t want you to take away the Internet completely from your users. But with each game lasting several hours, some users might find the temptation too great and end up wasting an entire day watching and rooting for their team. GFI WebMonitor has Surf time policies that can prevent this from happening.

Protecting Users

And for every “good site” and “safe advertisement” that is out there, there is always the potential for something bad. Far too many hacks are accomplished by attackers uploading malware and exploit code into advertising networks, which cannot check everything before serving it up to unsuspecting users. GFI WebMonitor can scan all downloads to ensure that users are not being exploited while they try to check the score.


One of the best things about GFI WebMonitor is that admins don’t have to sit in front of their console waiting to see if something happens. GFI WebMonitor can provide real-time alerts to notify you if bandwidth consumption is being exceeded, so you can adjust your actions on the fly. Let users stream the game if you want to, as long as it doesn’t slow down things like email, but then block the HD streams or big downloads if they do start to cause problems.

Permitting your users Internet access, whether they want to check the game or do anything else, doesn’t have to present risk to your network or impact critical applications. Use GFI WebMonitor to safely control and secure your users’ Internet access, while still affording them open Internet access.

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