In multiple articles on this blog, we have extolled the virtues of monitoring your network traffic.  From Walter Scott’s article on the virtues of time management and the productivity of the monitored employee, to the numerous discussions regarding security within the network.  Of course, all of these discussions are geared towards products we offer to help maintain the security and peace of mind that helps keep a company moving forward.

In this case, GFI WebMonitor is the ideal product for the SMB market, and is utilized in networks throughout the world to monitor traffic for compliance, and to prevent the spread of web-borne malware.  This product was designed to be installed with Microsoft’s ISA server software, which acts as a routing and firewall solution.  In dealing with customers who have expressed interest in using GFI WebMonitor, there have been occasions where the purchase and installation of ISA server is simply not feasible, whether for cost or logistical reasons.  For example, those businesses that already use a firewall device may not have any need for a product such as ISA, and would then decide that GFI WebMonitor might not work for their situation.

Until now! In the coming weeks, GFI will be releasing a version of GFI WebMonitor that does not require the ISA server component.  This is a groundbreaking development for the SMB market, as this version will have its own proxy, and will be able to monitor, block, and scan web traffic without the need for any other software!  What this means is that those who use a hardware firewall for protection can still use GFI WebMonitor in the environment, and then pass the traffic through the firewall.  The added functionality for IM control, virus scanning, and the download control policies that our customers have come to rely on will now be available on its own.  GFI WebMonitor will even be able to authenticate through any upstream proxy as well, allowing more flexibility in your network.  This version will also support automatic discovery in browsers, making it easier to configure.

To those who use GFI WebMonitor with Microsoft’s ISA, have no fear- we will continue to offer this version, as well as adding support for Threat Management Gateway, Microsoft’s replacement for ISA, in the coming months.

For those who just can’t wait, I would encourage you to participate in our beta program, which is currently in full swing.  Your feedback is invaluable to us!!  Stay tuned for more news as the release date approaches!

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