Hot news off the press! GFI MAX RemoteManagement now features Take Control for easy, fast, secure remote access and user assistance. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT support companies can now connect easily and securely to any monitored server or workstation, whether attended or unattended, with one click from the GFI MAX dashboard.

GFI MAX RemoteManagement is an IT managed services software solution that makes it easy to stay on top of customers’ servers, desktops, networks, hardware and software with its monitoring and management, inventory tracking and automated server and desktop maintenance tools.

“The capability to deliver complete unattended remote access with no additional open ports or VPN connections being required has been one of the most requested features for GFI MAX RemoteManagement. We are very excited to announce the release of our Take Control feature, which will deliver this as a fully-integrated part of the GFI MAX RemoteManagement solution,” said Dr Alistair Forbes, Chief Technology Officer, GFI MAX.

Integration of Take Control with the RemoteManagement dashboard means customers can get onto a machine with a problem instantly and resolve the problem as efficiently as possible. The functionality of the Take Control solution builds on the market-leading capabilities of the underlying technology, including multiple concurrent sessions, file transfer, integrated text, voice and even video chat for user support applications.

“The technology that underpins Take Control is already in use by millions of users and so we are confident it will be a robust, reliable solution from day one.  Take Control will be priced competitively in relation to standalone products and will be within the overall price cap for RemoteManagement services, so customers already making extensive use of the existing features will get this additional capability at no extra charge,” adds Dr Forbes.

Take Control gives MSPs and IT support companies the capability to provide a better service and boost profitability using fast remote access and support and a number of additional benefits including:

  • Ability to connect immediately to servers and workstations – even through firewalls
  • Ability to connect concurrently to up to three servers and workstations direct from the dashboard
  • A highly secure connection with low impact on bandwidth
  • One system for user assistance or un-attended out-of-hours server and workstation maintenance
  • Billing made easy with built in session reports
  • Cut travelling to customers’ sites with spontaneous support instead

More information about GFI MAX RemoteManagement and Take Control.

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