Well, the whole RetroCoder Incident is now flaming across the ‘net.  If you missed my earlier blog entry on this subject, RetroCoder is trying to stop Sunbelt (and other security companies) from even examining their product, by using this agreement:


CMP has an article, here.  P2pnet has some thoughts on it, here.  The original story from Joris Evers at Zdnet is here It also got Slashdotted, here, with lots of interesting comments.  

The Slashdot post got it a bit wrong — we are not getting sued.  We have only been threatened by Retrocoder.  Here’s what they sent to us through our standard submission process:

 A developer has submitted information about their product which may be flagged as spyware.


 Company: RetroCoder Limited

 Company website: www.SpyMon.com

 Contact name: Anthony Ball

 Contact email: anthony@spymon.com

 Product name affected: SpyMon

 Product versions affected: all

 Product is detected as: spy program

 Software can be downloaded here:



 Brief description of software:

 Program to allow you to monitor other computers


 Reason for submission:

 If you read the copyright agreement when you downloaded or ran our

 program you will see that Anti-spyware publishers/software houses are

 NOT allowed to download, run or examine the software in any way.  By

 doing so you are breaking EU copyright law, this is a criminal

 offence.  Please remove our program from your detection list or we

 will be forced to take action against you. Thankyou,

 Anthony Ball



 Submitted: 20051028231212







Alex Eckelberry


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