It gets a little frustrating dealing with certain “software developers”. These “software developers” want to be “quickly and fairly” identified by the Anti-spyware community. Great. No problem.

We think, “How about putting a place on our website for them to contact us in a non-contentious way, so that we can give them a fair review and, if warranted, change how we classify, identify, label, etc. their programs?” Sounds rough, right?

How do some “software developers” respond? A cease and desist letter. Nice. I guess they just couldn’t read the “fine” screens……

What does this mean? Well, instead of having my research group look at the proposed name changes and releasing a definition update with these changes in just a few days (with the new names), we have to go through lawyers and red tape and bureaucracy. Fun.Fun.Fun.

The Net Result?

It took longer for the “software developer” to get their changes implemented, it cost both them and us money in lawyer fees, and they did not make us feel intimidated, but rather we became less likely to think kindly of them in the future.

Just because they didn’t read the “fine” screens we had put up for them.

Dave Bove
Manager of Spyware Research

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