In today’s day and age I would say that this question is relevant and important. When I think back to my past views about the Internet 14 years ago, topics such as “Internet and Web Security” were unknown names to me.

A decade ago the main purpose of the Internet was purely focussed on email communication and web browsing activities. Commercial, critical or even complex transactions were rarely performed on the Internet.

User interactions through web applications were possible at the time; however in most cases it was very simple and “unsafe”. Security concepts or even safety precaution measurements in corporate environments were ignored and were hardly implemented in any web application solutions.

Have you ever had any concerns about your privacy or security issues a decade ago? E.g. when sending an email with sensitive information to someone or filling sensitive information in a web form on the internet? How safe did you feel when browsing the web?

It is quite interesting that such concerns were not felt at that time. Yet much has changed now.

Internet and web security measurements in private or corporate environments are being taking more seriously than a decade before. Many efforts have been made by corporate organizations and educational institutes to make the internet more transparent and much safer.

At the same time billions of harmful malwares, worms, bots and malicious codes have been developed and distributed over the web. Some of them have survived until now as they have been coded with “intelligence” such as being able to act independently based on sophisticated algorithms.

Without security measurements no administrator in the world would be able to detect intrusions or even be smart enough to block a hidden attack on his corporate network. Data theft runs at milliseconds and you even won’t be able to notice it.

It is unimaginable as to how many times medium sized business organizations have been attacked and have tried to be hacked by malware last year. By not investing in any internet and web security instruments corporate environments live in risk by not being able to control, to monitor or to protect their systems.

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