Earlier we blogged somewhat confusedly about a new “certification” available from an antispyware vendor. This is always scary, it’s memories of WhenU all over again.

More data is on the PC Tools site here.

Here is the text:

“PC Tools certification of software as “spyware free” is subject to the following limitations and disclaimers:

The Spyware free certification awarded by PC Tools is based upon PC Tools own internal testing, information provided by the relevant software publisher and PC Tools own definition of what constitutes spyware.

The certification of software as spyware free only applies to the version of the software submitted to PC Tools for testing and is based upon information provided by the relevant software publisher at that time. PC Tools is not responsible for software publishers adding extra functionality or spyware to their software following PC Tools testing. PC Tools does not continually monitor software publishers’ products to determine whether they are spyware free.”

What possible reason could there be to “certify” anyone adware or spyware safe, especially when this certification is only for a current version?

Let me say clearly that it is a policy of this blog not to practice petty sniping at competitors. PC Tools makes a good antispyware product and Simon Clauson and his crew are a really nice group of people.

However, spyware certification is a dangerous, slippery slope. I hope they change their mind on this policy, for the good of the antispyware industry as a whole.

Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks Eric)

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