IT-SecurityOrlando, FL USA: Robert L Jimenez II is a busy man. He forms part of an IT team of two at ScooterBug, and it’s their job to ensure that IT systems are running smoothly and to speedily deal with user help requests. This is a tough job when you consider the logistics of what the small team manages:

  • 70 PCs
  • 5 servers
  • 9 locations
  • 60% of workforce mobile.

As with many small IT teams, they used to provide support to users reactively. Users find a problem, report it, and it’s up to the IT superheroes to minimize any damage and solve issues straight away, so that the users don’t experience lengthy periods of downtime.

All small and medium businesses are faced with potential IT threats, so ensuring that the business is protected and compliant with any data laws that apply is hugely important. Some security products have the tendency to hog resources and slow systems down while the checks and scans are carried out: A nightmare for end users, and the IT team that have to listen to the complaints!

ScooterBug needed a solution that provided robust IT security but that was lightweight, easy to manage across multiple locations and that did not impact end users’ ability to work. An additional factor to consider was the infrastructure required to run any such software.

After much research, the team chose GFI Cloud to protect their business.

“Thanks to GFI Cloud, we are confident that our data is safe from viruses, malware, and other potential vulnerabilities or threats. GFI Cloud has provided us with a wonderful cost-effective solution that gives our small IT department and the entire company so much more for less.” Jimenez said. “The performance monitor improvements have already helped me catch our server utilizing 100% of the CPU. It’s an excellent addition and complements the suite very well. If we were to go the more traditional route of an on premise end-point management solution, we would have had to upgrade our entire infrastructure at incredible cost to the business. Now we can monitor the health of our network, and clients from anywhere at any time.”

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