We are pleased to announce that we have added Script Check, a new scripting feature as well as automated task enhancements to our remote monitoring and management solution GFI MAX RemoteManagement.

When using this solution you can now write your own monitoring scripts for automating tasks and running your checks. The new feature will also help MSPs, VARs and IT support organizations to increase revenues and profits.

“The addition of support for user-created scripts in GFI MAX is part of our drive to open up the platform for our customers to extend the service to meet their individual and specialist requirements. These scripts can be used to perform scheduled tasks, event-driven tasks or custom monitoring checks. The flexibility that is provided by supporting 8 of the most popular scripting languages means customers can use tools that are already familiar to them to monitor custom applications and specialist hardware and to automate a virtually limitless number of key maintenance tasks,” Dr Alistair Forbes, GFI MAX Chief Technical Officer.

“We will continue to extend the library of scripts that we provide as standard and will provide a mechanism for customers to share their custom scripts between themselves or submit them to us for testing and potential inclusion in the core product,” Dr Forbes added.

The script check helps MSPs become more profitable by cutting the cost of delivering preventative maintenance costs as well as reducing travel time for technicians. Furthermore, the ability to perform more checks will create additional opportunities to build revenues by spotting more problems.

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