Totally unscientific, but Slashdot is running a survey which highlights the depressing state of EULAs.

They asked the following question:

I read EULAs:

  • with my lawyer
  • with deep suspicion and paranoia
  • with due care and attention
  • with my scroll wheel
  • with CowboyNeal
  • I Agree

Of course, the hip and brilliant inteligencia that frequent this blog would all answer “with due care and attention” (or more likely “with deep suspicion and paranoia”).   

But what did Slashdot readers say?

Survey results:

  • 1% with my lawyer  
  • 5% with deep suspicion and paranoia   
  • 1% with due care and attention   
  • 20% with my scroll wheel   
  • 3% with CowboyNeal   
  • 67% I Agree  

<sob> I tell you, it’s all for naught!! <sob>

Seriusly, though, how can we expect anyone to read through War and Peace in under 1 minute, much less a EULA?  And why do we need a special program just to decipher these things?

Slashdot results here.


Alex Eckelberry

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