Aye, our little naughty venal Sheriff is at it again. 

Look at this terrifying screen (the url is masked as the site returns a backdoor with Trojans, etc.):


(Click to enlarge)

Links point to SpySheriff download.

When you download the program, you get this odd little install screen which points to a EULA at www.spy-sheriff.com/eula.php.  The EULA, which you have to manually enter in the address bar to actually see, is actually a EULA for a completely different program — some kind of stock photography/font program.


Running the scan alerts you to cookies being “severe privacy risks”.  Trying to remove these dastardly threats, of course,  requires a purchase.


The irony is the program crashed when trying to do the purchase.



Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks to Adam Thomas here at Sunbelt for discovering this one)



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