In my previous post I prepared the first steps required to move all emails except spam emails into the new GFI MailArchiver Archive Store. For this I have created a new Archive Store in GFI MailArchiver.

Now I will configure the mail import settings and then launch the mail migration process.

Step 1

From the Start menu open the GFI MailArchiver application “GFI MailArchiver Import Service Configuration”. Select the application “GFI MailArchiver Import Service Configuration” from the subfolder “Import Tools” of the GFI MailArchiver program group (17).

Step 2

Configure the GFI MailArchiver Archive Store “Store 2009 – 1” in which you would like to store the imported emails from the old Archive Store. Click on “Change Settings”.

The label of the buttons changes after this. I can now click on other buttons like the button “Add store” (19).

Step 3

An “Add new Archive Store” window will pop up. First select the Archive Store “Store 2009-1” (20) and then select the date range from 01-2009 (21) to 12-2009 (22) for this Archive Store.

This would mean that GFI MailArchiver Import Service will only import emails in this Archive Store that fall in the date range specified. Click on “OK” (23).

Step 4

The Archive Store “Store 2009-1” will now appear in the list. Click on “Apply Settings” (24) and then “Close” (25).

Step 5

Now we can start the migration process. We open the command console and navigate to the following path: “..\GFI\MailArchiver\MAIS\bin”

Then type the following command:
copybix “<path of binary folder of old Archiv Store>” “<… GFI\MailArchiver\MAIS\Pickup>”

“copybix.exe” is the GFI MailArchiver application which only copies BIX files from location A to location B. “A” is the location which points to the binary folder of the old GFI MailArchiver Archive Store. “B” is the Pickup folder of the GFI MailArchiver Import Service.

Press “ENTER”.

The copy process will now be launched. All BIX files will now be copied into the GFI\MailArchiver\Pickup folder. The GFI MailArchiver Import Service will process each BIX file from the Pickup folder and will put the enveloped files into the GFI\MailArchiver\Queue folder.

Now just relax and wait until the emails have been processed and stored in the new GFI MailArchiver Store “Store 2009-1”.

Note: Please follow the instructions in our knowledge base article, if you should find a large number of emails in the “GFI\MailArchiver\MAIS\Unclassified” folder.

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