Sunbelt is famous (or infamous, depending on your viewpoint) for its annual Halloween event.

It started as a tradition years ago, and probably the ultimate of Sunbelt Halloweens was 2002 (video), when the technical support team all dressed as aborigines. Now, this was not just dress-up. The support manager actually saved up chicken bones for weeks to make real bone jewelry.

Sunbelt Software Halloween 2002

You can see me here in 2003 Halloween, in a costume that will be well understood by those who have seen Office Space .


At any rate, it all culminates in mass walk (some loosely describe it as a “parade”) down to our local Starbucks, and the local citizens look on bemused.

After that, there’s a contest and both individuals and teams are judged for the best costumes.

And that brings us to Halloween 2005
Once again the crazies at Sunbelt overtook the streets and bum-rushed Starbucks in Downtown Clearwater with Scarecrows, Pirates, Ghouls and even a Pizza Delivery Guy for this year’s festivities.

(I make a brief appearance as an aging 80s rocker talking nonsense).

View Video 5:50 WMV – Low Res
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See The Photos
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You can see these videos and more at the Sunbelt Underground site, here.

Alex Eckelberry

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