Email is not only business-critical, but it is one huge repository of unstructured data that contains key knowledge, workflow information and customer contact data. All this data can offer significant value to an organization even after it is placed into an archive or most likely left in a PST file on a user’s machine.

The infographic shows the results from a recent survey commissioned by GFI Software among 200 SMBs in the US and UK, and found, amongst other worrying statistics, that more than two-thirds of SMBs (69% and 66% respectively) fail to maximize the efficiency with which they extract useful business intelligence from archived email.

Find out why email archiving is so important for your business – check out our three minute video primer on email archiving and what it involves.


The surveys of 200 U.S.- and U.K.-based IT decision makers at organizations with between five and 249 employees were fielded by noted polling expert Opinion Matters, between November 1- 7, 2011.

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