More than half of IT admins in small businesses would refuse to bet their money that there is no malware in any of the computers they manage, according to a new survey commissioned by GFI®. They also lack confidence that the PCs on their network are running at optimum efficiency.

The independent blind survey involved organizations that have between five and 50 employees, and was conducted by Opinion Matters on behalf of GFI. It coincides with the launch of GFI Cloud, a ground-breaking new platform for the delivery of cloud-based services via a single, consistent delivery mechanism and user interface, accessible anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The survey results also reveal that 51% of IT professionals spend at least 10 hours per month manually updating antivirus software on, or removing malware from, users’ PCs.

Have a look at our infographic (click on image to enlarge) to see other highlights from the survey:


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