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Security 101: Introductions and vocabulary

With security being such an important part of every task a sysadmin undertakes, and with the stakes so high, we are starting a new series on the GFI Blog that deals with Security 101. The last week of every month, we will cover something along the lines of a “Security 101” topic to help those who need security, but don’t have the background, to improve their skills.

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The 13 most important skills for sysadmins to develop

We’ve collected a list of the skills that are most important to sysadmins, no matter what their specific focus is – check it out!

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If it’s free, you’re probably the product

Free email, free accounts, free storage, free software, free hosting, free this, free that, free the other. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”. Companies plying their wares on the Internet are not charities. They are trying to make a profit. And there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has to pay their bills, […]

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10 BYOD policy guidelines for a secure work environment

Bring your own device (BYOD) is no longer simply a buzzword or a new trend; it’s reality. And in that reality, almost half of all employees use their own devices to access corporate assets such as network drives, documents, printers, web proxies, social media sites, and personal cloud services. Malware, viruses, theft, unsecured devices, jailbroken devices, and […]

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A tale of two security approaches – and why you need both

Once upon a time, attacks on computers and networks were relatively simple. Our primary worry was viruses and their variants – worms, Trojans, rootkits. Their authors set out with malicious intent, to create software that can cause harm by shutting down a system or an entire network, destroying data and/or programs, or collect information and […]

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9 tips to improve wireless connectivity in the office

Two things that really upset people when they try to connect to a wireless service is that a) the connection is not free and b) that it doesn’t work properly. The reaction is very much the same within an office environment. Employees not only expect the company to provide wireless but they also expect a […]

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Sensitive transactions over wireless: A recipe for disaster

Europol issues warning regarding public wi-fi networks   Industry experts have been proclaiming for a while now that we’re headed toward a world without wires. Some pundits have predicted that new fast wireless technologies, capable of gigabit speeds, will usher in the death of Ethernet. The majority of home networks are wi-fi based. Companies connect […]

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Who’s afraid of the big bad hacker?

There’s been a great deal of discussion about the “digital divide” in regard to people who have access to affordable broadband and those who don’t. But there’s another, more fundamental divide – related but different – that has been developing over the years since computing went mainstream: the psychosocial division between those who understand how […]

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Mac users can breathe a sigh of relief; OS X vulnerability patched

We reported here previously on the major security flaw in both Apple’s desktop and mobile operating systems that allowed attackers to intercept communications with SSL-protected web sites. The vulnerability became widely known last week, although it has apparently existed for months.  Apple released a patch to fix the problem in iOS on February 21, but […]

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IT admins: Ready to give an Olympic effort?

The “Miracle on Ice” at the 1980 Winter Olympics is widely considered the greatest U.S. sports moment of all-time – and with excellent reason. Nearly 34 years ago, a group of unheralded men’s college hockey players from Massachusetts and Minnesota stunned the mighty Soviet Union – and the world – with the upset of all […]

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