It is a well known fact that IT Administrators are one of the least recognized and appreciated roles in a company. It is certainly true that people are quick to whine and fret when something is not working, but nobody calls to say “thanks” when everything is running smooth.

One of the most common complaints that IT administrators receive is that the Internet is slow. But no one seems willing to understand is that it is not your fault that the Internet is slow. In fact, the problem is not a lack of bandwidth, but is instead caused by the existing bandwidth being used inefficiently, or by it being eaten up by high bandwidth, non-work related websites.

Take back control with GFI WebMonitor

You can stop those annoying phone calls and questions as to why the Internet is slow by using GFI WebMonitor. This software has a number of great features that allow you to control your Internet connection to ensure fair use for everybody.

So what exactly can GFI WebMonitor offer you?

1. The real-time termination of large downloads – Did the CEO call you complaining that he can’t access his stock portfolio because everything is slow? If it wasn’t slow until a while ago, you can log into GFI WebMonitor and see if someone is downloading a massive file that is hogging your bandwidth. You company’s IT policy states that large files should be downloaded after office hours. So your solution has just three simple steps: you kill the download connection using GFI WebMonitor; you call the CEO and tell him that problem is solved; then you call the user and share your thoughts about bandwidth use with them.

2. Bandwidth quotas – Before you overreact and institute a company-wide block on YouTube, take a look at why it is being accessed. If users have made YouTube their radio channel, it can quickly become a serious problem. The solution is simple: GFI WebMonitor allows you to set bandwidth quotas which give each user a daily usage limit on video streaming websites like YouTube. For greater flexibility, different quotas can even be applied to different departments.

3. Blocking of bandwidth hogging websites – Some websites are simply a waste of bandwidth. The infamous MegaUpload used to boast that it received four percent of the Internet’s traffic with 50 million daily users. Many of those were corporate users and, although it is now shut down, there are many similar websites that are being used. Even the legitimate use of ones such as the popular DropBox can be bandwidth hungry. These sites can quickly overwhelm your connection, so blocking them or implementing quotas will ensure nobody is slowing the company down by downloading tonight’s HD movie over the corporate network.

4. Block streaming media within websites – Some websites, such as sports sites and news sites, stream a considerable amount of video as part of their content. Once again, these streams can quickly overwhelm a connection. Certainly we are sure to see a spike in media website usage with the upcoming London Olympics and Euro 2012. With GFI WebMonitor you can block the stream without blocking the website itself, thereby saving vital bandwidth.

5. Bandwidth consumption alert – the above are all great features, but maybe you just want to allow people to monitor themselves. However, you still need to be able to enforce policy on those that don’t play by the rules. But what can you do? Monitor the connection constantly? GFI WebMonitor features real-time graphs that allow you to set up notifications based on specific criteria. For example, you can set the software to alert you when someone has consumed 500MB of downloads in an hour, or more than 5GB in a day as these are obviously anomalous situations. You will be advised via email and you can then handle the situation on a case-by-case basis.

6. Bandwidth dashboards and scheduled reports – GFI WebMonitor features easy-to-use bandwidth specific dashboards and bandwidth only reports. This allows you to quickly analyze usage trends, commonly visited sites, prolific users, peak usage times, projected downloads and uploads and many, many more variables to give you a complete picture of what is going on in your network.

GFI WebMonitor therefore offers you a powerful toolkit to ensure you can apply a fair Internet usage policy across your network, allowing everyone in the company to use critical Internet applications without being bogged down by useless bandwidth demands.

Have a look at what GFI WebMonitor can do to improve your network web security system, or just download a free trial and give it a spin!


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