Free ways to learn IT securityIf you’re looking to improve your information security expertise, and you don’t have a lot of time or a lot of money to spend, then the Internet is the place to go for fast, good and cheap training.

In this post we list our choice of 10 cheap or free sources for learning IT security.

Some of these resources are completely free and very detailed, while others may try to sell you more in-depth training, but even the little bit they share at no cost is worth reading.

Here are 10 new bookmarks to add in your browser.

1. GFI’s Security 101 Series

Our very own Security 101 series is great, if we can say so ourselves, and it going on right now. There’s lots more to come in this series designed to help you jumpstart your security know-how. Click here to check it out.

2. Infosec bloggers

The InfoSec space is full of fantastic bloggers, sharing their views on the industry as well as teaching topics of interest. We put together a list of the leading 35 information security blogs to follow at

3. Microsoft’s Safety & Security Center

Microsoft maintains some great online resources for the information security professional. Start at and work your way around the site to find blogs, how-to articles, and in-depth technical whitepapers on all things security as they relate to Microsoft technologies.

4. The SANS Institute Reading Room

The SANS Institute’s bread and butter is security training, and their premium content demands premium prices, but there are a ton of newsletters they give out for free, and you can find in-depth technical whitepapers available for free in the Reading Room too, at


This website is known as the IT Knowledgebase and with good reason as you can find rich information about anything IT. They also have a dedicated Security category which not only includes countless posts about the latest happenings but also tutorials, guides and so much more.

6. Wikipedia

Believe it or not, Wikipedia has some fantastic articles on information security topics, including great breakdowns of all the major protocols, technologies, and terminologies infosec experts need to know. Whether you’re lost about the meaning of an abbreviation or you would like to learn the many types of DDoS attacks possible, Wikipedia is there to help you out.

YouTube has tons of videos on various information security topics, including entire channels from these great sources.

7. SecureNinjaTV

SecureNinjaTV’s mission is to gather critical knowledge from top security professionals in various branches of the industry and to provide free and up to date information about various security issues to the tech community, business community, and government. Check out their channel at

8. InfoSec Institute

Check out the InfoSec Institute’s YouTube Channel at where you can find some great videos on several different topics.

9. ITMastersCSU

A set of short video courses for prospective students to try out before enrolling, IT Masters has some good content offered that is valuable even if you aren’t looking to pursue a degree.

10. Dr. Daniel Soper

Dr. Soper is a professor at California State University, has  a wonderfully informative channel at

Did we miss something you’ve found yourself and think is worthwhile? If so, please leave a comment and share your favorite sites with us and your fellow readers. Thanks!

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