SysAdminDay3-SkillsSysadmins are awesome. There’s no denying that at all, but inside every sysadmin is that drive to become even better. That’s why you do what you do, starting way before 9am and working way past 5pm. That’s why you give up your weekends, and spend your time on the beach reading certificate study guides instead of your favorite book. Every sysadmin has a great set of skills, but most sysadmins probably want to develop more. To help you, who so often help us, we’ve scoured the net, including articles from the top job boards, recruiters and head hunters, and we’ve collected a list of the skills that are most important to sysadmins, no matter what their specific focus is. We’ve listed them in no particular order, and included some links to help you start learning these skills online at your own pace.

1. Visio

This should be the only skill on this list that is vendor specific, but it is also a skill that every sysadmin should have and so few do. Good diagrams not only make understanding and troubleshooting a system easier, they support good documentation. Most sysadmins’ Visio diagrams look worse than smartphone camera pictures of a whiteboard. We all need to get better at Visio. Check out for free training from Microsoft on Visio.

2. Networking

You don’t have to be the network engineer to understand networking. If you admin a system, it uses the network and you need to understand what it requires so you can work with the firewall sysadmin to get the ACLs correct, and the network sysadmin to ensure performance. There is an awesome collection of training videos on networking at

3. Identity and Access Management

IAM (Identity and Access Management) is going to become a critical part of every system in the coming years. It is already going from niche skill to hard requirement in so many projects and IAM gurus are in high demand. There are videos online from virtually every vendor in the IAM space to help you get started. See for a collection of them.

4. Cloud services

If you’re new to this whole cloud thing, check out for a great place to start; then focus on the resources from the vendor or vendors who offer services you want. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and others all have good resources for their specific offerings.

5. Scripting/automation

If you are in a Windows enterprise, PowerShell is the way to go. Check out Don Jones’ awesome collection of training content on PowerShell at Of course, if Linux is more your thing, or you would prefer not to use PowerShell and want an alternative, Perl may be for you and there is some great content at to help jumpstart this skillset for you.

6. Security

Security is an extremely broad category, but it needs to be baked into every sysadmin’s repertoire. The SANS Institute is on a mission to raise the security IQ of every sysadmin, and they share some great resources at

7. Business analysis

A critical skill for any sysadmin, see for a free course from University of California at Irvine on this.

8. Mobile Device Management

With mobile devices touching everything and in many cases surpassing the PC in importance to their users, MDM (Mobile Device Management) skills will be a hot commodity and sysadmins need to know how to manage the devices that will be accessing their systems. There are various training resources from the specific vendors, and Airwatch is a great place to start. See for this. It requires registration, but that is free and fast.

9. Monitoring

Whether you use SCCM, Nagios, Splunk, or other solutions, the art of good system monitoring is key. See for SCCM, for Nagios, and for Splunk.

10. Project management

While most companies will have dedicated project managers, understanding more about their job will improve your worth and also make them easier to work with! See for a huge collection of free training videos.

11. HTML

Every sysadmin has, at some point, needed to write some basic HTML. Rather than hunting and pecking, see for some great beginner HTML training.

12. Javascript

And once you have HTML down, Javascript is the next step on your path to the darkside, er, to web enlightenment. And just like HTML, there are some great beginner Javascript training resources online. See for this.

13. ITIL

As more and more companies want to operationalize their IT, ITIL continues to be an in demand skill. See for a great start towards understanding, and perhaps even becoming certified in ITIL.

What skills are you trying to add to your sysadmin repertoire and what resources are you using to learn them? Leave a comment and show some appreciation for your fellow sysadmins!

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