J003-Content-SysAdminDay7-Funny_FPAs our final thank you to all sysadmins out there, we wanted to share a collection of the funniest things on the web that have been created for them. If you’re having a tough day, everyone is taking you for granted or you need to relax while waiting for that service pack to install or code to compile, take a look at some of these great resources!

1. The System Administrator Song
All sysadmins should be required to sing along with this at the beginning of every meeting. Or at the end.

2. Internet Hellp Desk
This hit from the same group that brought you the System Administrator Song was required viewing at the helpdesk I use to manage. That is probably why I don’t manage it anymore.

Hands down, the best comic on the Internet; check out #705.

Classic humor with a SysAdmin twist.

5. Strongbad
New content is coming soon! Classic content is still awesome.

6. The Broken
Back before The ScreenSavers and Digg, Kevin Rose was just a guy with an awesome sense of humor. The website is gone, but the videos live on in Youtube land.

7. The Nick Burns collection
Do you know that guy who is the best late night host in 30 years? Yes, he used to have a thing for SysAdmins too.

8. The IT Crowd
One of the best comedy series from the UK; those of us outside can view it online.

9. Wipeout
One of the funniest gameshows on TV. I have never met another person in IT who doesn’t think this is hilarious. Shows are viewable online.

10. Dilbert
Scott Adams, get out of my head! No, wait, carry on.

11. Reddit SysAdmin Humor
An entire section in Reddit dedicated to SysAdmin humor.

12. Man pages
These are some of the missing man pages.

13. How many SysAdmins does it take to change a lightbulb?
More content from BPHF, these jokes are worth a LOL.

14. SysAdmin Jokes
Another collection of jokes for the SysAdmin.

15. 101 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Your System Administrator
Some of these woud easily make their way into your next OOO message.

16. ASCII Art Collection
Check these out for your next plaintext email signature!

17. 10 ways to keep users from confusing SysAdmins with a normal person
Some of these will have you rolling on the floor.

18. A SysAdmin’s Voicemail
Read this like a script, with different voices in your head.

19. Computers and Electronics as Depicted in Movies
This is from before many of you probably started your IT careers, but I bet you can think of each and every movie that show these.

20. The Similarities Between Santa and SysAdmins
And they say there’s no such thing as Santa!

21. These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
You have to hear this in your head in the voices of Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp kids.

22. Funny Internet RFCs
If you thought geeks, engineers, and the fathers of the Internet had no sense of humor, this will leave you with no doubts at all!

Do you have any favorite tech humor websites? If so, do leave a comment with the URL!

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