J003-Content-SysAdminDay4-BlogSysadmins know what change is all about… they live it every day and they know that technology waits for no one. You either adapt or… you’ll get an Event ID 36886 (i.e. from human perspective: lacking suitable credentials). Keeping abreast of the latest news, product releases and generic tech news is a must. We’ve put together a list what we think are the best 79 blogs for sysadmins.

Email blogs

1. MSExchangeGuru.com

A team of highly enthusiastic and passionate professionals who all are die-hard fans of Exchange Server; these bloggers provide high quality articles that cover the latest Exchange updated to any Exchange-related questions you might have.

2. ExclusivelyExchange

Whether you’re looking for the latest updates, trying to find tips, or simply searching for a solution to a problem you might have encountered related to Exchange Server, you definitely must check out Bruzzese’s blog post and videos that range from Exchange Server installation, to configuration, maintenance, performance enhancement or support.

3. Slipstick

The Outlook and Exchange Solutions Center offers the latest news and updates for Exchange admins and Outlook users, through tutorials, troubleshooting posts and more!

4. How To-Outlook

MVP for Office Systems – Outlook, Robert Sparnaaij, has a true ideal of creating the paperless office and maintaining information availability. His blog, How To-Outlook, offers guides and tips on how to work efficiently with Outlook and related programs and systems on a daily basis.

5. 4SysOps.com

For Windows administrators; articles about Windows technology, reviews of useful admin tools, tips for daily work, and news relevant for system administrators.

6. About.com

Business Security.

7. Al Iverson

Blog about email, anti-spam, deliverability and related topics.

8. Darknet.org.uk

Security/Hacking Blog.

9. Ephemeral Law

A blog about the law surrounding information security and data privacy.

10. ExchangeExchange

A community dedicated to Exchange and related technology.

11. Glen’s Exchange Dev Blog

Pushing the envelope in messaging development.

12. Security Tools and Tips

Raising awareness about internet security and online security threats.

13. Spam Help

An extensive resource featuring articles, software, services, appliances, tools, books and anything related to spam.

14. Spam Notes

A law blog covering electronic communications, email, social networks, privacy, and more.

15. Spam Abuse

Providing the best collection of anti-spam links and resources.

16. Terry Zink

Anti-malware Blog; Protecting your mail from the scum of the internet.

17. Buchatech

Ideas Life & Technology.

18. Retrohack

Lest the tubes become overfull, a random stumbling of nerdgasms, pop culture references and hardcore geekery.

Microsoft blogs

19. The Windows Blog

The main blog for the Windows Team.

20. The Windows Security Blog

This blog covers all things security from the Microsoft perspective.

21. The Official Microsoft Blog

The name says it all… this is where the word comes down.

22. TechNet Blogs

Not a single blog, but a collection of countless blogs from both product teams and individuals. Pick a topic and you will find a blog on it here.

23. Microsoft Azure Blog

The Azure team’s blog.

24. Office Blogs

The Office Team blog, including things on Office Suites and Office 365.

25. All About Microsoft

Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley’s blog covers the products, people and strategies that make Microsoft tick.

TechRepublic blogs

26. Tech Sanity Check

TechRepublic Editor in Chief Jason Hiner is an award-winning journalist who writes about the products, people, and ideas that are revolutionizing business with technology.

27. Career Management

Managing Editor Toni Bowers discusses various aspects of working in the corporate world, including the best techniques for finding a great job and how to cope once you get there.

28. Cracking Open

TechRepublic’s Head Technology Editor Bill Detwiler dissects the latest business tech products and analyzes the internal components in order to help IT leaders make smart hardware purchasing and deployment decisions.

29. Tech Decision Maker

Learn how to lead an IT organization with these real world tips, including best practices for developing strategies, managing personnel, enhancing performance, and instituting new processes.

30. 10 Things

Get the key facts on a wide range of technologies, techniques, strategies, and skills with the help of these concise, need-to-know lists.

31. Five Apps

Discover the tools you need to solve problems, handle projects, boost productivity, and simplify your work. Each post offers a focused round-up of peer-tested apps, covering all platforms and all types of tasks.

32. The Enterprise Cloud

This blog covers the latest developments and major players in cloud technology. Get practical advice on evaluating providers of cloud applications and services, as well as tips and best practices on implementing and managing the enterprise cloud.

33. Data Center

Network, server, and storage administrators get valuable advice and best practices to help meet the challenges they face in keeping systems connected, available, and running at high efficiency.

34. IT Security

Security bloggers help keep you up to date on how to protect your network through news, updates, advice, and opinions on how you can stay ahead of hackers.

35. Linux and Open Source

If you’re a Linux administrator or you are integrating Linux into your IT department then you won’t want to miss the latest tutorials, news, and updates on various Linux distributions and open source applications.

36. Apple in the Enterprise

This blog covers the latest Apple news and provides hands-on tips and best practices for supporting and managing Macs in the workplace.

37. Google in the Enterprise

Google in the Enterprise helps professionals get the most out of Google Docs, Google Apps, Chrome, Chrome OS, and all the other Google products used in business environments.

38. Windows and Office

Get the most out of Microsoft Windows and Office in your enterprise with these tips, tricks, tweaks, registry hacks, and security patch breakdowns. In addition, get ahead of the curve with insight into future Microsoft products that will impact your business.

39. Software Engineer

Web developers, software engineers, and programmers of various stripes will find a variety of tutorials and tips to help them improve their methods, deepen their coding skills, and build better applications.

40. Web Designer

This blog offers tips for the beginner and the expert for designing and programming for web sites, including how to maximize them for mobile viewing.

41. Smartphones

TechRepublic’s Smartphones blog will address how IT professionals deploy smartphones in the enterprise and manage mobile devices in their organizations. It also talks about mobile development and feature product reviews.

42. Tablets in the Enterprise

Tablets are the hottest new form factor in computing and offer people a new way to interface with data and applications. TechRepublic examines how tablets can be put to use in a business environment.

43. TR Dojo

This blog will help IT pros in small and mom-and-pop companies to tweak and bolster their systems without breaking the bank.

44. SMB Technologist

Experienced IT pros address the particular technical challenges faced by IT pros working for small and medium businesses.

45. IT Consultant

TechRepublic’s IT consultant bloggers appreciate that consultants have unique issues and they provide advice on project management, technical challenges, and running a consultancy.

46. Big Data Analytics

This blog offers best practices and tips for companies looking to extract insight from internal data, plus today’s most useful data from across the Internet.

Security blogs

47. Network Security Blog

Martin McKeay has been blogging his views on security, privacy and anything else that catches his attention since August 2003. His blog includes topics such as security in the cloud, firewall, hacking, malware, social networking, privacy, risk, testing, and several other interesting security-related posts.

48. TaoSecurity

Richard Bejtlich is the chief security officer for Mandiant, a company that specializes in detecting and responding to security breaches, and his TaoSecurity blog covers digital security and the practices of network security monitoring, intrusion detection, and incident response.

49. KrebsonSecurity

Brian Krebs came onto the security scene in 2001 after being hacked himself. Taking a very intense and personal interest in security, he’s become one of the most well-known names in information security, covering topics including the latest threats, security updates, data breaches and cyber justice.

50. Andrew Hay

Andrew Hay is a senior security analyst at 451 Research, and serves on the GIAC Advisory Board. A CISSP with four SANS certifications and a veritable alphabet of other security certifications to his name, his blog covers log management, compliance, firewalls, and more.

51. Amrit Williams Blog

This CTO of Quantivo by way of BigFix and IBM covers security topics including cloud computing, cybercrime, virtualization, and more. Williams writing is as entertaining as it is informative.

52. W. Mark Brooks

A principal advisor for security and compliance at EMC, Brooks’ blog focuses on compliance and ethics, information security strategies, intellectual property, process and more.

53. The AShimmy Blog

Alan Shimmy is the founder and managing partner of The CISO Group, and frequently speaks at government conferences. His podcasts include some of the industry’s best and brightest, and his blog covers a broader range of security topics than practically any other blog on this list. Reading Shimmy is like having a conversation with a wise friend who has written hundreds of posts full of knowledge.

54. IT Security Expert

Dave Whitelegg’s blog focuses on spam (one of our favorite topics,) botnets, identity theft and more, targeting the home user and SMB market. His posts are easy to read and are the sort you can send to your friends when they want to read something targeted to a less technical audience.

55. Jon’s Network

Jon’s Network says it targets IT directors and network administrators, but it’s appeal is much broader with that. It’s a great place to pick up quick tips on a wide variety of security topics, and to get pointers to other great reads you might otherwise miss.

56. The New School of Information Security

Inspired by the security book by the same name, this blog keeps true to the spirit of the book, and includes regular posts from several contributing authors. Together they focus on cloud security, data breaches, risk management, and other related topics, and the different authors keep the content fresh.

57. Schneier on Security

Bruce Schneier is probably the most widely recognized name on this list, and for good reason. Blogging since 2004, Schneier has made a name for himself in the information security field, and he’s not afraid to share his opinions, no matter how controversial they may seem. You’ll come for the op-eds, but you’ll subscribe for the entertaining and enlightening content.

58. Troy Hunt’s Blog

Hunt is a software architect, and his coverage of security issues related to software, databases, and coding shows it. His passion for security is probably one of the reasons he was awarded MVP status by Microsoft, and his writing is as entertaining as it is informative.

59. Kevin Townsend

Townsend’s byline is “Security centric issues, news and rants – and other things” and that sums up his blog better than most bylines we’ve seen. The rants are fun, the issues are informative, and the news summaries are another great way to catch things you might otherwise have missed.

60. Lenny Zeltser on Information Security

A SANS Institute instructor and senior faculty member, and director at NCR Corporation, Zeltser’s blog focuses on malware and its involvement in breaches worldwide. One of his best recurring posts is his weekly summary of the best security reads of the week.

61. Dan Kaminsky’s Blog

You probably know Kaminsky from his work with securing DNS. His blog frequently gets far deeper into the technical weeds than most, but his ability to explain things clearly is a gift he shares generously, and his coverage of vulnerabilities in all aspects of networking helps you really understand the issues and implications.

Cloud computing blogs

62. Cloud Computing

Chirag Mehta is an SAP evangelist with a background in technology and architecture that spans fifteen years. Mehta writes on a huge variety of topics, and his style reads like a conversation with a trusted mentor. He’s got five years of back catalog to draw from and still updates regularly.

63. Business Cloud News

Business Cloud News’ masthead reads like a Who’s Who amongst technology leaders, and it’s that deep pool of authors that lets it post new and fresh content so frequently. With a focus on cloud computing and related technologies, there’s a ton of great content in this blog including sections on security, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. They also have a weekly newsletter that makes for some good reading offline.

64. Cloud Computing Journal

The Cloud Computing Journal aggregates the writing from dozens and dozens of authors across the spectrum of IT and cloud computing. With concise link grouping on the home page for the most recent and most read articles, it is easy to find some great reading material on practically any topic related to cloud computing you might have an interest in. There’s also a wealth of whitepapers available on the site.

65. Cloud Tweaks

Visit Cloud Tweaks for the articles, favourite it for the cloud humour section! Another blog with several authors, Cloud Tweaks covers current developments, trends, best practices and more in the cloud computing space.

66. Thinking Out Cloud

Geva Perry has been named as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in the Hosting Industry, Top 50 Cloud Computing Bloggers and one of the 12 Top Thinkers in Cloud Computing, and he has a lot of great things to say about cloud computing. His minimalist blog makes it a little hard at first to find what you are looking for, but like an old book store, you’ll value the time spent rummaging amongst the shelves.

67. Cloud Avenue

Cloud Avenue is another blog with a large cast of writers; and with a focus on evangelism and SaaS, the entire team consistently puts forth great content on all things cloud.

68. Inside-Cloud

Inside-Cloud’s tag line is Cloud News Without the Noise, and the team of authors strives to deliver concise and cogent coverage of developments and trends within cloud computing. The no-nonsense, just the facts writing style still lets the authors’ combined passion for the topics shine through, and the blog is great place to learn about things in cloud computing you might not hear about for weeks from other sources.

69. Chaotic Flow

Certainly our favorite name of all the blogs on this list, Joel York is a one-man show alternating between education and evangelism. His writing tends to target more of the C-level and architect roles than any others, but his views on coming trends and passing fads make for some very interesting reading, and may get you thinking in directions you didn’t even know were options.

70. Cloud Business Review

Cloud Business Review’s content is designed to help small business owners understand and embrace cloud computing where it makes sense for them to. Whether you are an SMB owner, or a consulting company looking at the SMB as your primary market, CBR’s content will help you better understand just what the cloud has to offer.

Cloud security blogs

71. Cloudsecurity

Craig Balding’s blog is dedicated to cloud computing security from an enterprise perspective, and Craig has the chops to do this. As the Red Team/Tiger Team Lead for a Fortune 10 company, he’s been there, done that, and covers cloud security, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS and more.

72. Rickscloud

Rick Blaisdell’s blog covers a range of cloud security topics, including best practices, case studies, IaaS, SaaS, the latest news, and more.

All the rest

73. Gizmodo

Covering trending tech news.

74. HuffPost Tech

The Huffington Post’s tech blog covering industry news and technology trends.

75. The Verge

Breaking tech news and product reviews.

76. GigaOM

A global voice on emerging technologies, this blog humanizes technology and provides insight on business, people and trends.

77. Mashable

Covering technology, social media, and breaking news.

78. Engadget

A high volume blog covering tech news and product reviews.

79. And last, but not least, there’s this blog – GFI blog – an information hub with the latest research and security news, informative videos, checklists and other posts covering IT topics for sysadmins and IT enthusiasts. So don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed.

These are the blogs that we think cover the bulk of content that sysadmins would want to read and follow. That said, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs covering every tech topic under the sun. We’re sure to have missed out on a couple, so do feel free to leave us a comment and let us know which blogs you believe are must-reads.

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