Jackie Wake, Product Marketing Manager for GFI Cloud

Jackie Wake, Product Marketing Manager for GFI Cloud

How does GFI Cloud benefit your business? In this interview, Jackie, Product Marketing Manager, gives an overview on what this release means for your business.

Q: Tell us about the latest release of GFI Cloud?

This release gives new focus to the monitoring service in GFI Cloud with the addition of performance monitoring; a must-have in any IT admin’s tool kit.  It helps you pinpoint server and workstation issues more easily and do something about them before business productivity starts to suffer.

Q: What problem does this help me solve?

My computer’s really slow today and I don’t know why! How often do you hear this from employees? When workstations or servers become slow the first step is to find the cause; but finding the problem isn’t always that easy and the process can soak up valuable IT time.

Where do you start? While there may be more information available for servers, as they require closer monitoring, when it comes to workstations you could be working in the dark.  Keeping each computer operating at peak performance keeps the business running smoothly.

You could ask the employee, ‘has anything changed recently? When did the problem start?’ Unfortunately, the information received is not always accurate and sometimes misleading. With very little to go on, the investigation begins.

Q: How does GFI Cloud help me?

[New] historical graphs for CPU, memory and disk I/O utilization help you validate the information received from the employee and give you a baseline of what’s normal for each computer.  For example, you will be able to see when an issue started and whether it happened suddenly, occurs regularly, or if it’s been growing over a period of time.

You’ll also know which process is causing the problem by determining whether the computer is slow because of CPU or IO or memory usage or all of them.  Armed with this information, you can now direct your investigation more effectively.  If a problem began suddenly, for example, you can check the antivirus logs for signs of attack or malicious software.  You can also look into the web activity on this computer to see if any large downloads were made around the same time.  Another possibility is a recently installed patch is causing a problem.  All the information is accessible remotely, from your GFI Cloud console – no matter where you or your workstations are, you are in control.

When you have visibility of a workstation’s performance steadily failing over a period of time, it might indicate a different type of problem.  Computing resources are finite, so from a capacity planning perspective it’s useful to have this information so you can plan ahead.

Q: What else is new in this release?

We have added more features to Web Protection, Patch Management and free Asset Tracking in GFI Cloud.

The new Software Inventory Reports help you keep track of all the software on all your computers, especially those machines that are rarely brought into the office.  And because the data is always up-to-date, accurate and easy to extract, it can be sliced and diced to fit the needs of each project you work on.

The new Web Protection reports help you spot trends and indicate if your web protection policies are working or not.  Additionally, a more detailed report enables a deeper investigation into a specific computer and its web requests when required.

You can also gain more control of your internet usage policies with instant notifications for video streaming above a configurable threshold.

Lastly, over 50 third-party applications are now supported in Patch Management, besides the Microsoft® applications. With this level of coverage we support automated patching for all the top 12 most vulnerable applications and make it even easier for you to keep your network patched and secured from one central console.

Q: Where can I check out GFI Cloud?

You can start a free 30-day trial of GFI Cloud today and see how easy it is to keep your network secure and your computers running at peak performance with monitoring, web protection, antivirus, patch management; and free asset tracking; all controlled centrally, from a single web-based console.  Visit our website to learn more about GFI Cloud.

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