Jackie Wake, product marketing manager for GFI Cloud, shares more news of the latest version released today.

Jackie Wake, Product Marketing Manager for GFI Cloud

Jackie Wake, Product Marketing Manager for GFI Cloud

Q: Tell us about the latest release of GFI Cloud?

Today’s release gives new focus to Asset Tracking, a FREE service in GFI Cloud. Where IT admins could already track an unlimited number of devices, simply and easily in the web-based console, this release looks to enhance the user experience further and make deployment even easier.

Q: So what’s new?

Now you can see at a glance inventory information across an entire network, such as operating system, processor and RAM. This means you can quickly identify underperforming PCs and computers that need to be replaced sooner than others, by filtering and sorting your network in one central view.

When the GFI Cloud agent is installed, the console now shows hardware and software details in minutes and new users can get up to speed quickly with in-product guidance on what asset tracking information is available and where it can be found.

Most importantly Asset Tracking can be deployed, without having to trial other GFI Cloud services, such as Antivirus, Monitoring or Patch Management.  At the same time, these services are just one click away in the same centralized console.  So they can be quickly and easily deployed when they are needed, without having to physically re-visit any of the tracked computers.

Q: Why do I need it?

As an IT admin or manager, knowing what hardware and software you have is the first step to being in control of your network.  It saves time on support calls and makes life easier when you’re planning hardware refreshes and software upgrades.

With Asset Tracking in GFI Cloud you can see what you have at a glance, anytime from anywhere and it won’t cost you a penny… EVER!

The catch?  No catch, just easy to use free asset tracking forever… Simple.

Q: Where can I check it out?

You can get Asset Tracking FREE today and roll it out to all your devices to see for yourself how easy it is to keep track of your company’s IT asset inventory, with GFI Cloud.

Do you want to learn more about this product? Visit our website to find how GFI Cloud simplifies IT management with one central view of antivirus, workstation and server monitoring, patch management and FREE asset tracking across all your servers, PCs and laptops on the move!

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