Misc links:

Directnic is a domain name registrar in New Orleans that has employees there trying to keep the servers up.

One of their employees is running a blog here. Pictures, and graphical moment-by-moment descriptions of the choas that has gripped the city are on the blog.

Moment by moment news here. GREAT list of blogs here.

Hans Eisenman mentions two good links: A collection of photos of Katrina devastation and the latest on Katrina charity scams. Be careful. See FEMAs offical list of donor sites.

Other links: The Katrina Help wiki and an incredible amount of stuff going on at Craigslist/New Orleans; as well as this one on before and after sat pics. Tech community helping.

More sat pics of Katrina.

Help: Quick and easy is the Red Cross, as low as a $5 donation. There’s also eBay GivingWorks, where you can buy products that direclty benefit charities. More recognized charities on this offical list of donor sites.

Alex Eckelberry

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