Selling a home or leasing a space is built on relationships. The real estate industry bases its success on how well they can gain trust. It is all about customer service. Buying and leasing property is a long process which includes giving out data like social security numbers, bank account credentials, and credit scores. There are plenty of opportunities for information to fall into the wrong hands.

The real estate industry is full of different players like attorneys, brokers, notaries, agents, and title companies. Their customers require information at a click of a button. Not only that, buying a home is a significant investment and renting a space is no small task. All of the behind the scenes action that takes place has a huge impact on whether the process goes smoothly.

Any compromise of sensitive data could lead to big problems for both clients and the professionals that they trusted to keep their data safe. Also, the licensed professionals who handle real estate transactions need to stay in compliance with federal and local rules like MCLA and the US Patriot Act.  Any intentional or accidental violation of the laws can generate legal action, loss of a license, and bad press. Since the real estate industry bases its success on customer service, it would be difficult to recover from a scarred reputation.

IT Software for real estate basics

Real estate IT software ranges from network security to communications solutions. Keeping in touch with their clients is crucial to their business as is keeping their information safe. Either way, IT software streamlines the real estate industry so that customers are happy and companies keep their reputation intact.

Keeping data secure with network security

Equifax, one of the leading credit score companies, came clean about a cyberattack that compromised millions of Americans’ names, social security numbers, addresses, and driver’s license numbers in 2017. Although the breach affected a general population, it goes to show that not investing in some type of cybersecurity could be detrimental to a business.

Real estate agents are on the go and may not have good cyber hygiene which leaves sensitive information vulnerable. You will find a hard working agent or broker on their phone conducting business all hours of the day. What does that mean for your sensitive data? It may not be as protected as you would like.

Keep information from leaving your business by using GFI EndPointSecurity. Your client’s data is sensitive, and you do not want it to fall into the wrong hands. By using this kind of IT software, you can track when a USB device is connected to your network.

Also, if work gets done over the web, save yourself from pesky malware by using GFI WebMonitor. It scans downloads in real-time using up to two antivirus engines to ensure malware-free downloads.

Customer service with reliable communication

Real estate happens at a fast pace. Which means their communications IT software has to handle day-to-day discussions with multiple clients. When putting an offer on a house or leasing an office, contracts are faxed back and forth. If you have email, you can have a fax machine. If you are still standing next to the fax waiting for it to go through, you need to catch up to the 21st century. GFI FaxMaker allows you to send and receive faxes through your email.

Update your phone line with a secure VoIP like Kerio Operator. Its advanced security technologies keep telephone hackers out, prevent misuse and ensure the privacy of your users and those they call. Reliable communication will keep the real estate business moving without having to worry whether sensitive data will slip into the wrong hands.

Store information with peace of mind

Real estate applications and contracts create a massive need for secure and efficient data storage. A proper document archival solution keeps archived documents from slowing down systems. At the same time, it ensures that these documents are readily available and searchable if they are needed.

Depending on the size of the real estate business, they could be holding thousands of contacts, contracts, and more. With the speed of their business, accessing that information is crucial to a sale and keeping it safe means their reputation. With IT software like GFI Archiver, you can find information in minutes including emails, contracts, and other important files.

The customer is the main focus in the real estate industry. It is all about reputation, word of mouth, and getting the client what they need so the real estate agent can close the deal. By not protecting the network, the business suffers. The right IT software for real estate professionals can eliminate the threat of security breaches via networks and digital communication. Having the best tools will take the real estate business to the next level.

If you are wondering how you can afford all of these solutions, we have the answer. GFI Unlimited offers GFI FaxMaker, GFI EndPointSecurity, Kerio Operator, and more in their library of network security and communications solutions. Access them all for one low price per user. The more you use, the more you save.

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