The Technology TrapMany small to mid-sized companies have become more and more trapped and hamstrung by the need to manage IT. Business leaders spend only one hour per month on strategy while their businesses are also at the mercy of increasingly stressed and over-worked technicians, who themselves are struggling to keep up with changes and manage growing and ever-evolving technology estates. This is a topic we address in our latest white paper, The Technology Trap: How your business can break out and step up.

The ‘balance’ of known and functioning technology (the Microsoft/email/blackberry devil we know) that was in place just a few years ago has been overturned and disrupted by a whole host of new technologies and commercial models – Cloud, Google, Apple, Mobile, Social, Android, etc. These in fact are now great opportunities for individuals and small business to take more control and not be ‘trapped’ by technology – i.e. once you invest in a particular area of technology, you are a slave to the vendor and to expensive technical people who you may not understand, but somehow need to sort out your issues and keep your business going…

Actually, the white paper argues, the new technology options and models allow business people to seize back the initiative and control around IT by using cloud-based software, from external companies, which can automate IT and take away a lot of the admin and pain associated with it. Once this is in place then organizations can focus more on their core tasks and are then better placed to develop their business; spending more quality time on strategy and the important aspects of business development, rather than worrying about how to manage their ever growing IT sprawl and keeping up with new technology developments.

The growth and constant change in IT is particularly felt by small to mid-sized organizations, who know the potential business value of technology and data, and can make some great progress with initial growth by using it. However they then find themselves having to employ more technical skills and people to manage and maintain their IT – staff who they can’t often afford and who may be of limited value to the organization, particularly as technology itself changes so quickly. Whilst small business can be agile they also can’t often afford to keep changing, updating and managing complex IT systems.

So solutions such as automated patch management, antivirus, workstations and server monitoring, and asset tracking can all be managed simply and effectively (and cheaply) from the cloud and not as a plethora of problems for the entrepreneur.

The IT industry is now moving from a manufacturing to a retail model and this means that control and opportunity is back with business people – not IT people and technology organizations.

We know that many businesses fail in the first few years – nowadays there is no reason this should happen due to lack of control over technology. So, are you in control of your technology and business strategy? – Read the white paper to find out more… and give simple IT management a go!

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