The Web’s Top 5 Security IssuesCan we ever feel safe when we are online? There are so many threats out there that being concerned is actually a good thing.

But what threats should we be vigilant for? You can find the answer in this video that looks at the top five security issues we currently face on the web.

Cybercriminals have become very sophisticated in the way they infiltrate our networks and we look at some of the most insidious forms of attacks, such as phishing and poison websites which exploit human weakness in your technological system.

Of course, hackers will also try to find chinks in your armor through third party software and browsers that are not updated with the latest security patches. A growing threat across the board is coming from social networks. These provide hackers with a wealth of opportunities to get into your network and access data.

But we don’t just identify the threats in our short video; we also look at how you can defend your network against them and keep it secure.

Watch our informative video today and learn who to approach security and shut down potential threats before they can cause any damage.

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