In its latest “Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateway Report”, Gartner has reported that Microsoft had advised that it will no longer be shipping TMG – but only “sustaining” it for the time being until its declared end-of-life. Deb Shinder from blogged about this here and here but there has been no official statement from Microsoft to confirm or deny the news. However, the writing is certainly on the wall: TMG seems to be on the way out.

And where does that leave you as an ISA Server and/or ForeFront TMG client? And how will this affect your organization’s web filtering capabilities? Frankly – it’s too early to tell. Shinder has speculated on what might happen to TMG – will it be merged into the cloud; merged into other Microsoft products? Only Microsoft really knows what’s going to happen. 

Whatever may be happening in the TMG world, a lack of web filtering is costing your organization money – in terms of productivity losses, in terms of users’ machines becoming infected with malicious content, in terms of your bandwidth being used up because employees are watching clips on YouTube or streaming media; in terms of downloads of movies or TV series on company time and using company bandwidth. Each of these examples has an impact on productivity and company resources, while also exposing the company (and its management) to increased risk of legal liabilities. And now that TMG’s future is in doubt, it’s a good idea to start considering other alternatives.

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