Businesses today are faced with the tedious challenge of maintaining their network to allow for consistent availability and productivity. So here are the Top 10 reasons for using network monitoring solutions for your business. Whether you are a CEO, executive, IT manager or IT Administrator, the following information will be beneficial for you.

Network monitoring solutions have become crucial nowadays because so many companies are relying on their internal network to be productive in their line of work. Network failures and irregularities, server downtime, service or application crashes can seriously threaten the livelihood of a business, costing thousands (if not millions) of dollars in revenue and productivity. Therefore, with the use of network monitoring solutions, you can deliver a better service and cut costs by fixing issues before any of your users notice a problem.

  1. Keep informed
    With real-time monitoring, if a failure or irregularity is detected, you can immediately be informed via methods such as SMS, pager, emails or a network message. Therefore, you will be notified of any problem on your network, wherever you may be thus allowing you to fix the issues swiftly. Without a network monitoring solution, you would have to look for issues yourself, or wait for the issue to be reported to you, to work toward a solution.
  2. Plan for change
    Network monitoring solutions allow you to study a constant problem with a closer eye. For example, if a piece of hardware is constantly tripping, it may be the time to replace this hardware. The same would apply for a constant crashing service. Should you notice that a service or a particular application is frequently crashing, it might be a good idea to look into troubleshooting the application.
  3. Diagnose issues
    Imagine a scenario where one of your company’s websites goes down. Without network monitoring, you may not be able to tell if the problem is with just the website, the web server or the applications which the site runs on. Network monitoring will pinpoint the point of failure, saving you time and money when having to diagnose the problem.
  4. Reports issues
    Network monitoring reports can help you spot trends in system performance, demonstrate the need for upgrades or replacements and prove your value, by documenting the otherwise ‘unseen’ work that keeps the IT systems you manage in top form.
  5. Remediate disasters
    If you are immediately notified that there is an issue with one of your systems on a network, and the issue is going to take quite some time to fix, the time saved by being alerted immediately can be used to bring in a backup system to replace the current failure, thereby providing a seamless and efficient service to your users and/or customers. Furthermore, some network monitoring solutions, such as GFI Network Server Monitor can automatically move to correct the problem by restarting a service (or multiple services) upon failure; rebooting a server upon failure; or launching an executable, batch job or VBScript.
  6. Ensure Operation of Security Systems
    Although business spend a lot of money, time and resources on security software and hardware, without a network monitoring solution, they cannot be sure that the security devices are up and functioning as wanted to. With network monitoring solutions such as GFI MAX Remote Management, you can effectively monitor and manage the health of these critical software and hardware security systems. With another feature this product offers, Patch Management, you can also streamline the automation and management of Microsoft software updates and patches.
  7. Keep Track of Your Web Applications
    Many services that your company offers to your users and customers are really just web applications running on a server. Network monitoring solutions allow you to stay on top of website problems, spot issues before your users or customers notice and remediate the issues in a timely fashion.
  8. Fix problems, anytime, anywhere
    Network Monitoring products nowadays are shipping with Remote Access features. These offer one-click remote support for any server or workstation in your environment. Apart from providing a much faster service, remote access also saves you a lot of money without having to commute to branch offices or customer sites.
  9. Ensure uptime
    Network Monitoring maximizes network availability by monitoring all systems on your network, including servers, workstations and network devices and applications. Whenever a failure is detected, you will immediately be notified via the alerts you configure in the product allowing you to take corrective action in a highly efficient manner.
  10. Save Your Business Money
    Network Monitoring products such as GFI Network Server Monitor and GFI MAX Remote Management, fix issues faster with instant alerts, spot small and big issues, eliminate the need for manual checks on event logs, backup systems, antivirus systems, hard disks and other devices. Having a network monitoring solution also avoids the need of complex and expensive systems. All this in turn facilitates cost saving and revenue building.

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